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The holiday homes of Klint on North Sealand are surrounded by fine beaches with stone columns, a charming harbour and the unique nature area Klintebjerg, which is located right by the Kattegat. When you spend your holiday in a holiday home in Klint, you are surrounded by great nature and many sights.


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Klint is situated on the tip of North Sealand, just east of the tongue of land 'Sjællands Odde' and 5 km from Nykøbing Sjælland. Here you will find beach and lovely nature right outside your door. A grocery store and a restaurant are available in Klint, and close by you will find sights and leisure activities for the whole family.

The cliff, Klintbjerg Klint, in the holiday home area Klint on the North Sealand shore Bathing jetty near the harbour in the holiday home area Klint The small and cosy harbour in Klint Endless stacked stones by the beach in the holiday area Klint


The lovely beaches by vary between stony and sandy beaches with grass-grown hills at the back. The beaches are suitable for children, as the water is shallow at the edge.


As a result of many years of lime quarrying, steep and grassy slopes characterize the Kattegat shore by Klint. A few lime lumps can still be found in the hills. The hilly area 'Klint Bakker' is a quite unique nature area with good walking paths. By the forest 'Ulkerup Skov og Overdrev' (by Nykøbing Sj.) old house sites, fences and a village pond from a forest village are still visible. By Havnsø you will find Sealand's largest coastal moor with meadows, small lakes, heather and rare vegetation. By Hovvig, east of Nykøbing, you can experience an interesting bird sanctuary.


The area is rich in golf courses, and offers f.x. the ones of 'Odsherred Golfklub' and 'Mensalgård Pay & Play-bane' with 9 holes. Anglers will find good opportunities along the shore, in the 3 Put & Take fishponds of the area or on the sea onboard a fishing vessel, which sails out from f.x. Sjællands Odde. If you wish to go riding, it is possible to rent riding horses more places in the area. A bowling alley is available in Nykøbing Sjælland.

Worth a visit

Nykøbing Sjælland is a cosy marked town with a pedestrian street, various shops and pavement cafés and good, cultural offers (5 km). The amusement park 'Sommerland Sjælland' by Nykøbing offers more than 60 activities for the whole family, like a cosy canoe trip, a wild ride in the roller coaster or a visit to the largest water world in Sealand (5 km). The passage grave by Højby is one of the best preserved graves in the country. The passage grave has 2 chambers, is 4.5 metres high, has an external diameter of 26 metres and functioned as burial chamber for 98 people. The exhibition from the excavation can be seen on the nearby 'Stenstrup Museum' (8 km). Visit the mill 'Lumsås Mølle', which is a working mill museum, where the flour is still milled in the old-fashion way. Experience the impressive constructions, the beautiful interior, the white arms of the mill and buy flour with you home (8 km).

Excursion spots

The area is rich in mediaeval relics, like i.a. the church of Højby, the rampart installations 'Borren' by the lake 'Højby Sø', the castle 'Næsholm' in the now dried lake 'Nygård Sø' as well as the installations 'Nygård' in the village of the same name. In the zoo 'Odsherreds Zoo Dyrepark' by Asnæs you can experience 600 animals, divided on 100 species (28 km). 'Land of Legends' consists of 4 houses and 8 small workshops from the iron age. Here you can sail in dugout canoes, chop wood with an iron age axe and mill flour (66 km). At the viking museum 'Vikingemuseet' in Roskilde you can experience ships from the viking age, copies of viking ships as well as other Scandinavian commercial boats (75 km). Visit the capital Copenhagen with the vivid culture life, museums, music, theatres, galleries, the pedestrian street 'Strøget' and sights like the Tivoli, the art museum 'Carlsberg Glyptotek', the castle 'Rosenborg Slot' with the crown jewels, København Zoo and much more (94 km).



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      Klint Holiday home, Klint


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