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Holløselund is a cosy holiday area by the Kattegat shore of North Sealand. Holløselund is located right between the holiday resorts Vejby and Tisvildeleje in a lovely area with sea, steep slopes, moor, hills, lakes and forests. You can buy groceries in the area, and Tisvildeleje offers shops, restaurants, galleries and marked days during the summer. Holløselund is an ideal holiday area for nature lovers, who can enjoy the animal and bird life of the area, the moors, the forests and the long sandy beach. Close to Holløselund you will find commercial towns, sights and amusements for the whole family.



The beach of Holløselund is located at the foot of the steep slope, and by means of a staircase with 164 steps you will reach the lovely beach. On a clear day you can see all the way to the island Hesselø from the top of the staircase. The child-friendly beach offers a sandy bottom, clear water and Blue Flag. The beach is facing north-west and lays relatively unprotected towards the Kattegat. Therefore wind and kite surfers will find good conditions here.


Tisvilde Hegn is a lovely forest with walking paths, lakes and a wood of gnarled trees. In autumn you can go mushrooming here. Tibirke Bakker, a part of Tisvilde Hegn, is a beautiful conservation area with heathery hills. From a viewpoint in the area you can see the lake Assesø, the Kattegat and the forest Grib Skov. Heatherhill is a large hilly and very scenic conservation area, which is bordering on the Kattegat. The main part of Heatherhill is covered with heather and the sheep walk around freely on the heathery hills (3 km). Arresø is Denmark’s largest lake with a circumference of 50 km. The area offers good walking and bicycle opportunities. You can also go on a cosy sail on the lake (9 km). Grib Skov is one of Denmark’s largest forests. Here you will find many walking and bicycle routes as well as more historic places. The lake Esrum Sø by Grib Skov is scenically surrounded by untouched landscapes with forest and meadows. Here you can swim, sail and study birds (22 km).


Anglers can throw in the line from the shore of Vejby Strand. Here it is possible to catch flatfish and eelpout. The high slopes and the favourable wind conditions make Holløselund an attractive spot for paragliders and windsurfers. You can surf all the way from Lynæs towards west to Helsingør towards east. In the nearby Tisvildeleje you can attend different arrangements throughout the summer. Look forward to the kite festival, marked days and the midsummer party with a torchlight procession and a great midsummer fire on the beach (4 km). A number of golf courses are available in North Sealand and you can among others test the courses of Asserbo Golf Klub near Frederiksværk, Helsinge Golfklub and Gilleleje Golfklub.

Worth a visit

Helene Kilde, one of Denmark’s most famous thermal springs, is located by the hillside between Tisvildeleje and Kattegat. It is said that you will be cured of diseases if you drink water from the spring on the grave of the female saint Helena on Midsummer Night (3 km). Visit the church of Tibirke, which is located on a historic spot. The site was a heathen place of sacrifice during the antiquity (5 km). Asserbo Slotsruin represents the ruins of a castle, which was build by monks in the 12th century. The castle sanded up and was dug out in 1849 by King Frederik VII (10 km). Helsinge is an active and cosy commercial town with sights, museums, pedestrian street, fountain, shops and restaurants (10km).

Excursion spots

The gypsum and marble sculptures of the sculptor Rudolph Tegners are exhibited on Tegner Museum og Statuepark near Dronningmølle. In the moor and heather landscape outside the museum you also can see about 25 bronze sculptures (23 km). The old Cistercian monastery Esrum Kloster by the lake Esrum Sø has a beautiful convent garden and a small convent pharmacy (25 km). Louisiana in Humlebæk is a museum for modern art. The unique museum buildings and the beautiful old park create an interesting setting for the art (36 km). The museum of Karen Blixen in Rungsted offers a gallery, exhibitions, the living rooms of Karen Blixen, a slide show room, a library room and a café (38 km). Experience the capital Copenhagen with its vivid culture life, museums, theatres, galleries, attractions, amusements and Europe’s longest pedestrian street Strøget (57 km).



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