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The holiday area on the coast of north Sealand offers bathing beaches, lovely and peaceful nature as well as sights for the whole family.


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When you spend your holiday in a holiday home in Hellebæk, you can enjoy the lovely bathing beaches, the scenic and hilly nature behind the shore and the proximity to all of North Sealand''s attractions. The area is famous for holiday home rental because of the many offers that you can enjoy as a holiday guest here.  Hellebæk is located by Oresund, between Ålsgårde and Helsingør, and is famous for its idyllic and historic watermill Hammermøllen. From the beach you can see the silhuette of the castle Kronborg Slot, which is situated just 5 km from Hellebæk, and behind the beach, the houses are built on a slope, which rises behind the shore. And behind the town you can enjoy the hilly and unspoiled nature areas with forests, lakes and a rich birdlife. You can shop locally or in the harbour town Helsingør, ''the gate to Oresund'', which offers plenty of shops and restaurants.

Lovely sandy beach by Oresund in the holiday area Hellebæk In Hellebæk you can swim from a lovely sandy beach View along the shore by the holiday home area Hellebæk The idyllic watermill, Hammermøllen, is situated in a forest area behind Hellebæk


The beach of Hellebæk is a fine child-friendly and sandy beach. The western part of Hellebæk is nearly coalesced with the holiday area Ålsgårde, which offers the baths Langebro. Langebro is a long and wide wooden pier with benches and plenty of space for relaxing and sunbathing. The pier reaches far out in the sea and form a public bath, which is protected from the wind. The sea off Hellebæk is also very suitable for windsurfing. If you wish to swim from a wide bathing beach wind fine sand, high dunes and lifeguard during the high season, you can go to Hornbæk, 6 km towards west.


Hellebæk is surrounded by sea and beautiful, hilly nature areas with forest and moor. Right behind Hellebæk you can visit the forests Hellebæk Skov, Hammermølle Skov, Hellebæk Kohave and Teglstrup Hegn. In Hellebæk Kohave you will find the idyllic lake, Pernillesøen, and from a bird hide you can observe migratory birds, birds of prey, cranes, geese, grebes etc. In the beautiful and hilly heather landscapes of Teglstrup Hegn you can experience a rare and untouched raised bog and enjoy the view of the sea.


The lovely sandy beach of Hellebæk invites swimming, relaxation and beach activities. You can fish in Oresund from the shore in Hellebæk or visit one of the Put and Take fishponds of the area. Between Hellebæk and Helsingør you can play golf on the beautiful and hilly golf course of Helsingør Golf Club. The unspoiled nature areas behind Hellebæk invite hikes. In the peaceful surroundings by the lakes you can also study various birds. In Multiparken in Helsingør the young can skate, drive the impeller or BMX, play football and try a parkour course.

Worth a visit

About 500 m behind the shore you can visit the idyllic watermill Hammermøllen by the pond Bondedammen in the forest Hellebæk Skov. Until 1870 Hammermøllen was used for production of gun barrels, but today it has been converted into a café with an exhibition of photos and object from the history of the house. The forest Hellebæk Skov and Teglstrup Hegn both contain more ancient monuments from the time, when cannons and guns were produced here. The church Hellebæk Kirke from 1920 is very special, as it is built in baroque style. From the church you have a view of Sweden. Visit Helsingør, which e.g. offers a large marina, the interesting culture harbour with the underground museum M/S Museet for Søfart and the steel sculpture HAN, the beautiful renaissance castle Kronborg Slot as well as a number of interesting sights. Experience the holiday towns Hornbæk (7 km) and Gilleleje (18 km), which both offer lovely beaches, great harbour atmosphere and a charming town life.

Excursion spots

At Rudolf Tegners Museum near Dronningmølle you can admire the plaster and marble sculptors by the sculptor Tegner - both inside the museum and in the beautiful sculpture park. In Dronningmølle you will also find the exhibition house Munkeruphus, where you can experience art, handicraft, design and architecture (14 km). Louisiana in Humlebæk is a museum of modern art. The unique museum buildings and the beautiful old sculpture park form a unique and interesting setting for the exhibitions with sculptors and paintings (15 km). Just north of the lake Esrum Sø you will find the old Cistercian monastery Esrum Kloster from 1151. Today, the monastery functions as a culture-historical museum with an exhibition about the Cistercian monks and the history of the place. Outside you can see a monastery garden with interesting herbs. You can take part in different mediaeval inspired arrangements here year round (17 km).



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