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The tranquil and cosy area Frølunde Fed is situated in the bay 'Musholm Bugt' on the west coast of Sealand, 7 km north of Korsør.


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The holiday area Frølunde Fed offers a good bathing beach, from which you can enjoy the view of the Great Belt and The Great Belt Bridge, peaceful and undisturbed nature, fresh air and good fishing opportunities. Here you can spend your holiday in quiet surroundings, and still be close to f.x. towns, golf courses, lovely nature areas, leisure activities and sights for the whole family. It is possible to buy groceries in the area. The larger towns of the area, Korsør (7 km) and Slagelse (20 km), offer good shopping opportunities and more restaurants.



The lovely bathing beach by Frølunde Fed is situated in a small bay and consists of coarse sand and a few stones. Hills and dunes with vegetation shelter the beach. The beach is suitable for children as the water is shallow by the edge. It is possible to launch a small boat from the beach. Just south of here you can visit the beach 'Knivkær-Svenstrup Strand' - a sandy beach with a sandy bottom and good surf opportunities. From both beaches you can enjoy the sight of the beautiful sunset over the Great Belt.


The holiday home area Frølunde Fed is surrounded by green nature with forest, scattered vegetation, hills, small dunes, meadows, fields and the stream Tude Å. The cove 'Korsør Nor' - Denmark's largest inland waters - is situated just south of Frølunde Fed. A 16 km long path leads all the way around the interesting cove. 'Korsør Lystskov' is a 130-hectare large forest, which offer a rich animal and bird life. Furthermore, the forest contains more historic monuments (7 km). 'Slagelse Lystskov' is a lovely forest area with f.x. the lake 'Studentersøen' (app. 14 km). The peninsular Reersø offers a unique nature with three wetlands; 'Flasken', 'Skiften' and 'Vejlen', where you can observe wading birds and ducks. From the gazebo of the area you can study the bird life (29 km). Denmark's fourth largest lake 'Tissø' and the surrounding nature form a scenic, preserved area with many wading and water birds. Tissø has been laid out as a EU bird sanctuary (32 km).


The beach by Frølunde Fed invites swimming, sunbathing and beach activities. It is very popular, and often profitable, to fish for sea trout in the bay 'Musholm Bugt', and in particular by Frølunde Fed. Furthermore, you can fish in a Put & Take fishpond near Korsør or join a fishing expedition on the Great Belt onboard a larger boat, which sails out from the harbour in Korsør. Golf players can test the course of Korsør Golf Klub, which offers one of the most scenic 18-hole courses in the country. The course is situated in a park area with a hilly terrain, forest and lakes (5 km). In Korsør and the surroundings you can rent kayaks, canoes, rowboats and riding horses, as well as make use of a swimming baths with more pools, f.x. a baby pool and a dive pool.

Worth a visit

The old, charming market town Korsør offers a modern marina, a charming town centre, shops, galleries and more interesting sights, like f.x. the fortress 'Fæstningen Korsør Søbatteri', an iceboat museum, the art centre 'Kongegaarden' as well as the Great Belt centre 'Storebælt Bro- og Naturcenter' (7 km). 'Vikingeborgen Trelleborg' between Frølunde Fed and Slagelse is a 1,000 years old viking castle, where you can experience the remains of a large ring castle, reconstructions, shows, activities like f.x. pewter casting, breadmaking, archery etc., as well as a museum, which exhibits finds from excavations - tools, weapons, clothes among other things (13 km).

Excursion spots

The monument in the bog 'Mullerup Mose' indicates where finds from the hunters and fishermen of the stone age changed the Danish history (19 km towards south). Visit Slagelse, which contains an old quarter with cobble stone streets, interesting museums, historic collections, galleries as well as sights like f.x. an old country bakery and the preserved mill 'Skovsgård Mølle og Bageri Museum' as well as the play park 'Gerlev Legepark' - a playground for the whole family (20 km). At the peninsular Reersø you can experience whitewash, half-timbered farms with thatched roofs from the 18th. century, a small and cosy fishing harbour, 'Reersø Museum', a unique nature with a rich bird life as well as the many workshops and exhibitions of the local craftsmen (29 km). The family park 'Bonbonland' in Holme-Olstrup offers a number of jolly amusements - both wild and quiet, shows, picnic areas, restaurants, grill bars etc. (55 km).



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