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Eskebjerg is a cosy, old village with charming houses, located by the bay 'Sejerø-bugten' and the scenic, preserved area Vesterlyng.


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The holiday area Eskebjerg Vesterlyng is situated in the middle of the bay 'Sejerø-bugten' on western Sealand. The small village Eskebjerg is situated right behind the Sealand's largest moor area Vesterlyng, which is a popular and scenic excursion point. It is possible to buy groceries in Eskebjerg, which also offers more green areas with playground, playing field, BMX track, petanque course and a place for a bonfire. The area invites stays in nature, where you can walk, swim, fish, study birds and experience relics in the shape of i.a. grave mounds and cromlechs. The nearest larger town is Kalundborg (13 km), and here you will find an interesting harbour atmosphere, a quite unique quarter from the Middle Ages with narrow alleys and well-preserved half-timbered houses, Denmark¿s only church with 5 spires, many exhibitions and the cosy town centre with restaurants and shops.



The preserved moor Vesterlyng offers kilometres of lovely bathing beach with fine sand, dunes and lovely tempting water. In spite of the fact that the beach is situated in a preserved area, it is accessible to the public. The water is shallow by the edge, the waves are small and therefore, the beach is very suitable for children.


A very varying nature with fields, salt meadows, small lakes, dunes, juniper brushes, heather and areas with many wild herbs surround the holiday area Eskebjerg Vesterlyng. Vesterlyng is the largest, continuous moor area in Sealand, where the animals are grazing freely. The area is a low area, where heather and grass have grown into each other on the small sand dunes. The area is preserved, and therefore, it has an interesting vegetation. Among other things you can experience orchids here. The scenic route 'Margueritruten' leads right past this area. The bird sanctuary 'Saltbæk Vig' is a coastal lagoon, which is covered with reed in the wet dune hollow. The area begins only a few km from Eskebjerg Vesterlyng. Tissø is Denmark's fourth largest lake and covers an area of 13 square kilometres. The nature here is characterized by fields and level moraine landscapes towards west and elevated, hilly and varying landscapes towards east. The area has a rich bird life.


On the preserved moor Vesterlyng you will find 2 marked walking paths. The green route leads you past a long barrow, through the forest 'Mareskoven' and past a couple of bronze age mounds, and if you follow the brown route, you are lead through a plantation, down to the beach and past a drifting dune. The angling opportunities are good all along the shores of western Sealand and in the Put & Take fishponds of the area. If you wish to go deep-sea fishing, you can jump onboard a fishing vessel, which sails out from Havnsø (8 km). The area is rich in golf courses, and you can f.x. try out the 18-hole course of 'Kalundborg Golfklub', which offers challenges for both beginners and experienced players. The course is situated in scenic surroundings, 12 km from Eskebjerg Vesterlyng. It is possible to rent riding horses around the area. If you are game for diving, you can search for finds from an old stone age settlement about 50 metres offshore by 'Ordrup Næs' (21 km towards north).

Worth a visit

The area is famous for it's many, interesting grave mounds, cromlechs and passage graves. Havnsø (8 km) is situated in the bay Nekselø Bugt and has always been an important ferry berth. Enjoy the atmosphere in the harbour of Havnsø, where you can buy fresh fish, or go with the ferry to the traffic-free island Nekselø, which offers a scenic and interesting landscape, a rich animal life and great views, or to the island Sejerø, which has Denmark's mildest climate, a hilly landscape, many small bathing beaches as well as more passage graves and a monolith. Visit the mediaeval town Kalundborg with the cobbled, narrow alleys and the well-preserved, half-timbered houses (13 km). The castle Dragsholm Slot is Denmark's oldest castle. The primeval fortress from the early mediaeval times has a dungeon and offers many ghost stories. A scenic palace garden belongs to the castle (18 km).

Excursion spots

In the zoo 'Odsherreds Zoo Dyrepark' by Asnæs you can experience 600 animals, divided on 100 species (23 km). The garden 'Birkegårdens Haver' by Tågerup is a scenic experience and a joy for both the eye and the nose. See f.x. an English, a Japanese and a Danish garden (28 km). The passage grave by Højby is one of the best preserved graves in the country. The passage grave has 2 chambers, is 4.5 m high, has a diameter of 26 m and functioned as burial chamber for 98 people. The exhibition from the excavation can be seen on the nearby 'Stenstrup Museum' (36 km). The amusement park 'Sommerland Sjælland' offers more than 60 activities for the whole family, like a cosy canoe trip, a wild ride in the roller coaster or a visit to the largest water world in Sealand (39 km). At the museum 'Vikingeskibsmuseet' in Roskilde you can experience ships from the viking age (61 km). Visit the capital Copenhagen with sights like Tivoli, Planetarium, Eksperimentarium, København Zoo and much more (94 km).



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