Holiday in Skagen

There are many good reasons for staying in a holiday home in Skagen. Be impressed by the very special atmosphere of the area and the unique nature. In Skagen you find vast areas of heather, plantations, dunes and a lot of sandy beaches. You could also choose spending your holiday in the town of Skagen, where you can just walk to visit coffee houses and restaurants.

For years Skagen has been one of the most popular places for the Danes, and every summer the number of residents increases by several thousands. The area is just full of life and activities, but also in the winter, Skagen makes an extremely charming frame of a stay in a holiday home or a holiday flat.

When you spend your holiday in Skagen, the rest of the nature and attractions in Northern Jutland are just outside the door. You could make trips in Northern Jutland and visit e.g. the amusement park Faarup Sommerland, the Nordsø Oceanarium, manors and castles or visit the small beach towns Blokhus, Løkken and Lønstrup by the North Sea.

Guest assessments from Skagen:
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There is a special atmosphere of holiday by the old warehouses on the harbor of Skagen

Holiday homes and holiday flats in Skagen

If you spend your holiday in a holiday home in the nature of Skagen, you can enjoy the peace and quiet and forget about everyday’s stress. The sea and the beach are only a short walk away and you will be all by yourselves when you relax on the terrace at the house. When you are on holiday in a holiday home in Skagen it is an obvious thing to enjoy nature by walking or riding a bike. There are lots of walking and biking routes in the area taking you to the most beautiful places. You could take a trip to the town of Skagen and see e.g. the wonderful works of the Skagen painters at Skagens Museum, the sand-covered church and Grenen.

When you are on a holiday in Skagen, you are close to the North Sea as well as the Kattegat. You can see the roaring waves of the North Sea and the tough nature, created by wind and weather. If you have children the milder beaches on the east coast are more child-friendly. The waves are more calm and the little ones can be safe playing in the shoreline.

The weather in Denmark can be tricky and nobody can guarantee sunshine and bathing weather. If you rent a luxury holiday home with a pool, you can always go for a swim – even if the rain is pouring down. Families with children will really love to have a pool, their private water world, where the children can spash about for hours and hours. A holiday home with a pool is not necessarily a costly luxury. You could e.g. rent a luxury holiday home together with friends or family to share the costs, or you could find a luxury holiday home with a Last Minute discount.

When you rent a holiday home in Skagen you are in picturesque surroundings

It is nice to have some luxury for the holiday and a holiday home with a pool or a whirlpool adds this little extra pampering and wellness that you need. This is particularly nice if you rent a home in the autumn or in the winter, where you can really enjoy the luxury of feeling the warm bubbles of the whirlpool, while the wind and the rain rage outside, or you could have a swim in the morning in the warm pool, while the landscape is covered in rime frost.

If you want life around you and to be close to restaurants, shops and museums, you could choose a holiday home or a holiday flat in the town of Skagen. You could also rent one of the iconic, yellow Skagen houses with a red tiled roof with access to your own garden. In Skagen you can find exactly the kind of holiday house that meets your needs for the holiday.

An atmosphere of holiday and experiences in Skagen

When you stay in a holiday home in Skagen you can make a cultural and gastronomic tour in the town and visit some of the many galleries and museums in the town or enjoy fresh fish and shellfish on the harbor.

If you love music and a good atmosphere, you could rent a holiday home or a flat for the Skagen Festival days to be sure not to miss anything. The days of the Skagen Festival are so full of charm and activities and arrangements. The restaurants and cafés go the extra mile for their guests and there are lots of special offers and culinary experiences.

Grenen north of Skagen is a popular place to go

At the Skagens Museum you can look at the impressing works created by the Skagen painters. Their paintings still captivate and fascinate the audience. This is not just world class art, but you will also learn a lot about life in Skagen by the end of the 19th century.

A little north of Skagen you can find something quite unique – you can stand at the northernmost point of Denmark, with your legs in two waters at the same time. At the Grenen, the Kattegat and the Skagerak meet and the waves cascade. The impressive sight of the two oceans attracts a lot of people every year.

The sand-covered church a little south of Skagen town is a popular excursion spot. The church dates back to the 14th century and was in service until late 1700, where drifting dunes slowly started covering the church and finally, people had to give in to the sand. Today you can only see the tower protruding through the sand. The church is a good example of what kind of forces of nature people had to live with in Northern Jutland for hundreds of years.

Bring your dog to Skagen

It is no problem to take the dog along for Skagen, no matter what kind of house you want for your holiday. There is a wide range of holiday homes and flats, where the dog is welcome. You can also rent a house with a fenced-in garden or terrace, where your dog can run free. This is just luxury for your dog and for you.

The beaches, heather and the woods in Skagen call for long walks with the dog, that will love to get out and see new places. The holiday home resorts are all surrounded by beautiful nature and make the daily walks a pleasure. If you want to walk the dog in an area, where you can set the dog free, you should go to one of the off-leash dog parks in Skagen. One of the parks is in the Skagen Klitplantage close to the parking place and the kiosk at the sand-covered church. The off-leash dog park is fenced-in and about 10 Ha. The other off-leash dog park is at the outskirts of the Skagen town in the forest called Byfogedskoven. This is also a fenced-in park, but there are no gates at the entrances.

Bring your dog to Skagen and enjoy lovely walks in the beautiful nature