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Skagen, Osterby is a quiet and vey scenic holiday area between the centre of Skagen and the sand tongue Grenen. In Skagen, Osterby you can swim by the popular beach Sonderstrand, enjoy the unique nature and visit the many sights. In Skagen, Osterby you can choose between many attractive holiday homes.


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The former artists quarter north of the harbour appears with the same charm and atmosphere as in the 17th century with narrow streets, characteristic Skagen houses and a bascule light by the beach. The light and the motifs of the beach Skagen Sønderstrand, which lies right by the historic and cosy neighbourhood, inspired the artists. Østerby has a central location with walking distance to bathing beach, town centre, fishing harbour, marina and interesting attractions. In the centre of Skagen you can enjoy the harbour environment by the famous red fishing warehouses, shop in the interesting shops of the pedestrian street or let yourselves be served in the cafés, fish restaurants and pubs of Skagen. Less than 3 from here the Kattegat and the Skagerrak collide by Grenen. Skagen is an attractive and popular holiday destination for the whole family. This is not least due to the lovely beaches, the breathtaking nature, the attractions, the cosy urban life and the vivid harbour.

Bunkers on the northern part of the beach Sønderstrand in Skagen Østerby The bascule light, Vippefyret, behind the beach Sønderstrand in Skagen Østerby The beach by the lighthouse in Østerby View of the red roofs of Skagen from the bascule light Vippefyret in Østerby


The beach Skagen Sønderstrand by Østerby is an inviting and family-friendly sandy beach with a sandy bottom, small waves and clean water. The bascule light on the dune Fyrbakken functions as the landmark of the beach, which offers dunes, hollows and Blue Flag. This is where the Skagen painters found the inspiration for many of their famous paintings. Every year at midsummer a 'Skt. Hans' fire is lit here on the beach.


The Kattegat and the Skagerrak collide by Grenen - Denmark's northernmost point. An impressive sight at all times of the year! By Grenen bird enthusiasts can visit Skagens Odde and enjoy the sight of the migration. Just south of Skagen you can visit the dune plantation Skagen Klitplantage, which is characterized by a scenic and varying landscape. Here you can experience pinewoods, the big migrating dune Sandmilen, viewpoints, a rich birdlife and the buried church `Den Tilsandede Kirke¿ among other things. One of Europe's largest migrating dunes, Råbjerg Mile, is app. 40 m high. It moves up to 15 m annually and has created a miniature desert of app. 1 km2 southwest of Skagen. The sand drift has left Råbjerg Stenene - a stone plain, which has come into existence because the fine sand from Råbjerg Mile is moved, and the large rocks stay behind. From the highest point of the dune you can as far as Grenen (16 km).


The beach Sønderstrand invites swimming, sunbathing, walks as well as beach and watersport activities. You can hike, ride on horseback or bicycle in the beautiful dune plantations or make use of a swimming baths, a bowling alley or a minigolf course in Skagen. Anglers can fish from the shore, from the harbour pier or from a boat. You can also go deep-sea fishing onboard a fishing vessel. If you are in possession of a diving certificate you can go on a dive with Skawdyk - the scuba diving club of Skagen. Join a sail from the harbour to Grenen in the powerboat, Vandormen, and experience Denmark's northernmost point from the sea. Visit Skagen Bryghus and join a tour, where you can learn more about beer production on a microbrewery. Golfers can test the scenic course of Hvide Klit Golfklub in Bunken, which offers an 18-hole course and a Par-3 course with 6 holes (19 km). Every year in July a music festival takes place in Skagen, and during the festival, the whole town celebrates.

Worth a visit

A re-construction of Denmark's first bascule light with an iron basket for pit coal has been erected on the beach Sønderstrand in Østerby. Here you will also find the lighthouse 'Det Hvide Fyr', in which varying art exhibitions are arranged. The art museum Grenen Kunstmuseum on Fyrvej offers permanent exhibitions with works of art, created by contemporary Skagen artists, and a sculpture collection. Skagen Odde Naturcenter on Batterivej is an interesting nature centre with the theme natural phenomenon. The regional museum, Skagen by og egnsmuseum, on P.K. Nielsensvej is an open-air museum with exhibitions and buildings from prehistoric Skagen. At Skagen Museum on Brøndumsvej the paintings, created by the Danish painters of the golden age, are exhibited. In the house of Michael and Anna Ancher you can experience how the 2 Skagen painters lived and worked. In Villa Pax you will find the house of Holger Drachmann and learn more about the life of the artist and author.

Excursion spots

The tower of the buried church 'Den Tilsandede Kirke' rises from the sand in a scenic plantation area. The vast sand drift of the area is responsible for the burial of the church (5 km). Farm Fun by Ålbæk is a zoological park with a play area. Come close to the animals of the farm, like f.ex. hogs, cows, sheep, kangaroos, emus, ponies, rabbits, goats, guinea pigs, peacocks and lamas, or try the amusing moon cars, the swings and the bouncing cushion (21 km). Visit the interesting eagle sanctuary Ørnereservatet near Tversted. During the summer you can get close to some of the world¿s largest eagle species and watch them being fed in the air. Experience the peregrine falcon, gerfalcon, goshawk, golden eagle and white-tailed eagle (29 km).



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