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The holiday homes of Lyngby, Thy are situated in Nationalpark Thy, right behind the North Sea and the high dunes. Here you are surrounded by vast and unspoiled nature, which encourages walks. Enjoy the silence in your holiday home and in the undisturbed surroundings or go on an excursion to the beach towns and sights of the area.


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The holiday homes of Lyngby, Thy have a unique location. Here you can enjoy your holiday in tranquillity, as you stay in right in the beautiful and preserved nature, close to the bathing beach of the North Sea. The holiday area is surrounded by forest, moor and dune plantations with a rich animal life, and as the area is preserved, nature is totally undisturbed here. The former fishing hamlet is located right behind the high North Sea dunes and consists of app. 30 houses and a rescue house, which was built in 1882. In Svankær, just south-east of Lyngby, you can visit a sculpture garden and a Bob-Bon Museum. To the north of Lyngby you will find a former coast battery from WW II. A few kilometres towards north you can visit the idyllic fishing hamlet Stenbjerg. And towards south you will find the lighthouse Lodbjerg Fyr, from which you can enjoy the view of the North Sea and the unspoiled nature of Thy. You can buy groceries in Stenbjerg (8 km).

View of the beach in Lyngby, Thy from the high dunes View of the wide sandy beach by the North Sea in Lyngby, Thy Inviting bathing water by the beach in the holiday home area Lyngby, Thy Holiday home in scenic nature surroundings behind the shore in Lyngby, Thy


The beach of Lyngby is a lovely wide and sandy beach with high dunes. It is great and inviting on a summer day and slightly rougher on a stormy autumn day, but it is always suitable for a walk. Because of the wind from the North Sea you can also surf and fly with kite here.


The houses in Lyngby, Thy are surrounded by the moor Lyngby Hede, which consists of scenic and preserved nature, characterized by moor, dunes and woodland. Furthermore, the area offers a rich animal life, and when you walk in the area, you can see red deer, roe deer and cranes among others. Because of the breeding season of the crane, the area on the eastern side of the rescue house is closed for visitors from 1st April to 15th July. The nature in Nationalpark Thy is undisturbed, wild, fascinating and beautiful. Here you can enjoy the scent of sea, pines and wild herbs at the same time.


The area is ideal for hiking and cycling in the scenic surroundings of Nationalpark Thy. You can follow the sea path, Vestkyststien, - an 80 km long hiking and cycling path, which connects Bulbjerg with Agger. The North Sea and the beach invite swimming and other activities like e.g. ball games, kite flying and water sports. You can learn how to surf in Cold Hawaii, Klitmøller, which is located 27 km to the north of Lyngby, Thy. In this surf paradise you can take part in surf course or wave, wind, kite and stand up paddle surf on your own. Anglers can try their luck from the shore or in one of the Put and Take fish ponds of the area. You can also go deep sea fishing from Hanstholm. Golfers can test a genuine North Sea course, which is also one of Denmark’s most challenging golf courses, at Nordvestjysk Golfklub, behind Klitmøller (29 km).

Worth a visit

The sculpture garden, Skulpturhaven Thy, in Svankjær is arranged in and around an old school from 1817. The garden is open year round, and the indoor exhibition is open, when the owner is at home. At Bon-Bon Museum, also in Svankjær, you can see a bon-bon and candle factory as well as a miniature sawmill (5 km). Towards north you can see a coast battery with more bunkers and an emplacement from World War II. The 35 metres high granite lighthouse, Lodbjerg Fyr - between Lyngby and Agger, is surrounded by a vast moor and plantation landscape. It is open for visitors and from the top you can enjoy the view of the North Sea, the dunes and the landscape. From the lighthouse a marked path leads you to the high dune Penbjerg, and to the east you will find 9 mounds from the bronze age, which, however, can be difficult to spot. Visit the idyllic and preserved Stenbjerg Landingsplads and enjoy the atmosphere around the hamlet with small white fishing houses and a rescue house (8 km).

Excursion spots

In Nr. Vorupør you can enjoy the atmosphere of the holiday town, see the fishing boats on the beach, take a walk on the long pier and swim in the dammed up bath next to the pier. You can also visit the aquarium Nordsøakvariet and Vorupør Museum here (15 km towards north). Agger is situated 19 km towards south, and here you can see an exhibition about coastal protection in the beautiful and restored black fishing houses. You can also see, how a fishing family lived 200 years ago in an old fishing house. At the museum Limfjordscentret in Doverodde you can experience a 150 years old and very well-preserved merchant’s house and hear about the life here in the old days (28 km).



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