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Kærsgård Strand is situated in the bay Jammerbugten, by the North Sea, and right between the areas Skallerup Klit and Tornby Strand.


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The holiday house area Kærsgård Strand is surrounded by unique nature with a wide beach, dunes, the North Sea, the stream 'Liver Å' and inland dunes. Here you will find lovely nature, peace, quiet and lots of fresh air, and still it is not far from town and sights for the whole family. The area is famous for it's many artists, who can be visited in their workshops and galleries. The nearest larger towns are Hirtshals and Hjørring, which are both situated about 12 km from Kærsgård Strand.

The lovely wide and sandy beach with high dunes in Kærsgård The holiday home area behind the high dunes of Kærsgård Strand On the way to the wide sandy beach of Kærsgård The beautiful and hilly dune landscape behind the beach of Kærsgård Strand


Kærsgård Strand is a lovely, wide and undisturbed beach with lovely and sheltering dunes. The beach is also suitable for children. No matter the time of the year, the beach invites walks. Don't miss the magnificent sunset over the North Sea from the beach.


The holiday house area is situated behind the coast in a unique and hilly dune area with heather, rosehip bushes and some forest. There is a view from here and all the way to the plantation 'Tornby Klitplantage'. The stream 'Liver Å' is abounding in fish and flows right through the dune area. Furthermore, there is a rich bird life here. Behind the dune area you will find a level landscape with fields. Beautiful forest areas surround Nørlev, which is situated 4 km from Kærsgård Strand. The sea and the wind have created the inland dunes behind Skallerup, and this rare and preservation-worthy landscape is now a conservation area. There is public access to the area; however, you have to follow the marked paths (5 km). The 'mountain' Tornby Bjerg lays 88 metres above sea level in a scenic area with a wonderful view of the landscape. The plantation 'Tornby Klitplantage' is a highly situated North Sea plantation, which contains a distinctive and vigorous vegetation (8 km).


From Nørlev Strand a beautiful bicycle route leads you to Skallerup, Harrerenden, through Lønstrup and to the area around Rubjerg Knude. Anglers can try out more Put & Take fishponds close by. The possibilities for inshore fishing are also good in the area. The nearest golf courses are available in Hjørring, Hirtshals, Brønderslev and Løkken.

Worth a visit

By Skallerup you will find a 200-years old merchant's house, where the trade is still carried on (5 km). From the mill 'Vennebjerg Mølle' you have an impressive view of Rubjerg Knude, Lønstrup and the North Sea (11 km). Visit f.x. the nearby idyllic fishing hamlet Lønstrup, which is a holiday town with atmosphere, cosy roads, galleries, shops and restaurants (11 km). On the museum 'Nordsømuseet' in Hirtshals you can experience sharks, fish and exhibitions about fish and fishery (12 km).

Excursion spots

Rubjerg Knude is a 90 metres high hill island, which was created by the inland ice during the last Ice Age. There is a good chance of experiencing birds of prey here. The lighthouse 'Rubjerg Knude Fyr' is partially buried in sand, erected in the year 1900 and taken out of operation in the year 1968 because of sand drift. There is a magnificent view of the sea and the area from here (24 km). In the eagle sanctuary 'Ørnereservatet' by Tversted, you can get close to some of the world's largest eagle species and watch them get fed in the air (28 km). In the amusement park 'Fårup Sommerland & Aquapark' by the holiday town Blokhus you can try out more than 50 exciting activities for the whole family. When the entry has been paid for, all activities are available for free (38 km).



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