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The cosy holiday area Kærgården near Vestervig is surrounded by fiord, plantation and forest.


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Kærgården is located near Vestervig and the bay Krik Vig in the broad Nissum Bredning by the gentle Liim Fiord. From here there is only a few kilometres to the North Sea and the town Agger. The town Vestervig is situated right behind the holiday home area Kærgården, and here you will find shops, a couple of restaurants, old and beautiful buildings - like f.x. Scandinavia's largest village church, as well as a convent park, which is suitable for picnics. Around Kærgården you will find wide expanses, long views, bathing beach, large lakes and lagoons with a unique birdlife as well as old fishing environments. The area, surrounding Kærgården and Vestervig, is also characterized by large, old cattle farms. Kærgården, Vestervig is an ideal holiday destination for anglers, nature lovers and bird enthusiasts among others. The nearest towns are Hurup (11 km) and Thisted (36).

View from the holiday home area in Kærgården, Vestervig The sandy beach by the holiday homes of Kærgården, Vestervig The holiday homes of Kærgården, Vestervig with the sea in the background Sculpture and courthouse in the town Vestervig, close to the holiday home area


It is possible to swim in the inlet by the bay Krik Vig, where a bathing jetty is also available. 8 km from Kærgården, the North Sea and the beach of Agger offer good swimming opportunities in the blue waves. This child-friendly beach, which has been awarded with the Blue Flag, is app. 100 metres wide and consists of sand and stones. The water is clear and the bottom is sandy with a few stones. The breakwaters provide shelter when you swim and play in the water.


Fir plantations, meadows, fields with crops and grazing animals, inlet and lakes characterize the nature, surrounding Kærgården and Vestervig. A few km towards north the 750 hectares freshwater lake Flade Sø is located. The dune plantation Lodbjerg Klitplantage is a 1,050 hectares area with forest, lakes, moor, dune landscapes and 5 marked walking paths (9 km). Experience the beautiful and preserved tongue Agger Tange with the rich bird life. The shallow areas, the large lagoon lakes and the tidal flats on the eastern side of the tongue provide good breeding and feeding opportunities for many water birds. Furthermore, the tongue is an important resting place for many bird species during their spring and autumn flights (10 km). In the channel between tongue Agger Tange and the town Thyborøn you can experience a seal colony. The plantation Rønhede Plantage near Bedsted contains forest, walking paths, places for bonfires and small lakes (10 km).


You can swim and sunbathe along the shores of the cove Krik Vig. The scenic moor and dune landscape, surrounding Kærgården and Vestervig, invites walks and bicycle trips along the many marked routes. Anglers can throw their lines in the inlet, the North Sea, the streams and natural lakes of the area - among others the freshwater lakes Flade Sø and Ørum Sø, and the Put & Take fishponds of the area. If you wish to play golf, you can try our more scenic courses in the area, and the nearest ones are available with Nordvestjysk Golfklub near Thisted (36 km) and Lemvig Golfklub (39 km). On the tongue Agger Tange bird enthusiasts can observe the behaviour of the birds in the preserved reserve.

Worth a visit

The church of Vestervig is an important monument in the history of Thy. The impressive village church contains one of Denmark's finest organs among other things. In the old pharmacy of the town you can see a pharmacist garden with herbs and medicinal plants. Klostermøllen between Vestervig and Krik is a beautifully restored Dutch mill, which bears witness of the exploitation of the wind's forces in the past (2 km). Near the mill you can visit a small exhibition 'Æ Beeshus', which illustrates the former cattle trade of the area. The farm Bubbel is one of the most interesting and well-preserved cattle farms in the area. In 'De sorte huse' in Agger you can see an exhibition about the history of coast protection as well as varying displays with works, created by local artists. In the nearly 200-years old fishing house in Agger you can experience how a fishing family lived in those days (8 km).

Excursion spots

Limfjordscentret in Doverodde is a 150-years old and well-preserved merchant's house. Here you can have an authentic impression of the role of the merchant's house in those days. On the second floor of the building alternating exhibitions are displayed (14 km). The coastal centre 'Kystcentret' in Thyborøn is an interesting experience and communication centre for the whole family. In the aquarium JyllandsAkvariet in Thyborøn you can hold a crap in your hand, pat a shark on the head and stroke a flatfish (17 km). In the aquarium Nordsøakvariet in Vorupør you can experience fish and marine animal, caught by the fishermen of Vorupør (24 km). Jesperhus Blomsterpark is Scandinavia's larges flower park with colourful flower arrangements, jungle zoo, beautiful tropical birds, pirates, play land and aquapark (41 km). See how the daily life in the country 150 years ago is vitalized in the open-air museum Hjerl Hede Frilandsmuseum near Vinderup (62 km).



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