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Hanstholm is surrounded by sea on two sides and the National park Thy inland.


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The small fishing village Hanstholm is situated on the southern tip of the area Thy in very scenic surroundings. Hanstholm is famous for its museum centre and many bunkers from World War II, Denmark''s most powerful lighthouse as well as not least Nationalpark Thy, Denmark’s first national park. Hanstholm is an obvious holiday destination for the active family, who enjoys staying in nature, as well as for persons, who are interested in history and others, who like tranquillity and lovely nature. Here you can experience fish auctions, learn more about the role of the town during the war, visit the bunkers and enjoy the proximity to both sea and national park. Hanstholm offers more restaurants, among others a smoke house, as well as more shops with groceries.

The coastline, south of Hanstholm, with bathing beach and dunes The white lighthouse in Hanstholm The great bathing beach south of Hanstholm The fishing port of Hanstholm


By Hanstholm you will find kilometres of long, empty sandy beaches with bunkers and untouched dune landscapes, where you can find shelter. The waves are ideal for surfing. The beach is child-friendly at the water''s edge, but will water sill soon be deep and the waves can be large. In the outermost dune lines, on the beach and in the water you can see the remains of the bunkers, which represented a part of the Atlantic Wall during World War II. The sunset over the sea is a unique sight in Hanstholm.


South of Hanstholm you can follow the coast and enjoy the sight of the sea and the beaches on one side and the dune plantations and the wildlife reserve Hanstholm Vildtreservat, a part of Nationalpark Thy, on the other side. Nationalpark Thy covers a large area along the shore - from Hanstholm in the north to Agger in south. The area is characterized by dune areas, plantations, open spaces and large clean lakes. Here you can experience a quite unique and unspoiled nature with rare plants and a rich animal life. Among other things you can find penny buns and chanterelles here. Don''t miss the sight of the red deer in the morning. In Sårup, a few km from Hanstholm, you can experience four preserved burial mounds. Furthermore, the area offers more settlements from the iron age. The area is also attractive for amber hunters. It is relatively easy to find amber on the beach of Hanstholm. Recently a piece of 4.2 kg were found on the beach.


The very scenic surroundings invite hiking, bicycle rides, horseback riding, sailing, swimming, surfing and golf. If you bring your bicycles, you can follow the new 30 km long bicycle path from Hanstholm to Klitmøller and Vorupør. From the path you can enjoy the view of the North Sea and the nature of Nationalpark Thy. Mountain bikers can follow two mtb routes in the dune plantation Tvorup Klitplantage. It is popular among angers to go to the reef Det Gule Rev with a fishing boat. Here you can catch e.g. codfish and Atlantic wolffish of up to 20 kg. The boats sail from Hirtshals to Det Gule Rev each day from March to October. You can also go on a ride on Icelandic horses near Hanstholm. On the harbour you can watch a genuine fish auctions from 6.45 a.m. on weekdays. In Hanstholm you will also find a go-cart track. Golfers can test one of Denmark''s most challenging courses by Nordvestjysk Golfklub near Klitmøller and the lake Vandet Sø (15 km).

Worth a visit

At Museumscenter Hanstholm you can experience a unique museum bunker, which was equipped with 4 cannons during the war. And next to the bunker you can see an interesting exhibition about The Atlantic Wall. You can also drive around in the bunker landscape with the old ammunition train. Museumscenter Hanstholm is Scandinavia''s largest fortification from World War II. Another fortification with 17 cm cannons can be experienced on the coast between Hanstholm and Vigsø. Visit the lighthouse of Hanstholm, which is the most powerful and highest located in Denmark. From the lighthouse you can enjoy the view of the sea and the town. In the side buildings you can see an exhibition about the harbour build, the coastal fishing and the life-saving service. In the area around Hanstholm you can visit many ceramicists, painters, candle makers, glass artists and other creative artists.

Excursion spots

In Vorupør you can visit the aquarium Nordsøakvariet and see fish and marine animals, which were caught by local fishermen. Vorupør Museum is located in the old ship boatyard, and here you learn the historic background of Vorupør and the special lifestyle of the coastal population (25 km). Visit the bird cliff Bulbjerg - a 47 metres high calcareous rock, which is inhabited by marine birds like e.g. fulmar and kittiwake. From the cliff you can enjoy a great view of the bay Jammerbugten. See a small exhibition about the bird cliff in the bunker on the top of the cliff (37 km). Jesperhus Blomsterpark is Scandinavia''s largest flower park, but it also offers a jungle zoo with tropical animals as well as a pirate land, a play land and a water world (54 km). In Thyborøn you can visit Kystcentret, an experience centre for the whole family with Denmark''s coast as a focal point. And in JyllandsAkvariet you can hold a crab, pat a shark and cuddle a flatfish (60 km).



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