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The small and cosy village Tolne is located in the area Vendsyssel, right between the towns Frederikshavn and Hjørring. Here you can spend your holiday in a holiday home, which is surrounded by beautiful nature, like e.g. Denmark''s northernmost beech forest; the scenic and varying Tolne Skov. The forest offers more hiking and bicycle routes and is rich on berries and fungus that you can pick. Holiday home rental in Tolne is a unique nature experience and can be recommended for the active family as well as the ones, who just wish to relax and enjoy the silence in the unspoiled nature. In Tolne you will find an inn and you can also buy groceries nearby. You can also make use of the good shopping opportunities and restaurants in Sindal, Frederikshavn and Hjørring.

The idyllic pavilion Tolne Skovpavillon in forest of Tolne Cosy old inn in the centre of Tolne The forest road through Tolne Skov - worth a visit in all seasons The pavilion Tolne Skovpavillon is beautifully situated in the centre of the forest of Tolne


When you spend your holiday in a holiday home in Tolne, you live just app. 15 km from the great palm beach of Frederikshavn with shallow, child-friendly water on the eastern coast and the lovely, wide North Sea beach with high dunes and fine sand in Tversted.


Tolne is surrounded by the very scenic forest Tolne Skov. The forest has a rich bird life and is also inhabited by animals like roe deer and foxes. The northern part of the forest is a preserved beech forest, which is developing into a natural forest. The forest contains a pavilion, where you can make use of tables, benches, grill and a playground. From the pavilion you can follow 2 of the 3 hiking routes in the forest, which lead you through burial mounds and other ancient monuments. The hiking routes vary in lengths from 1½ to 3½ km. From the bronze age mound Bålhøje, in the centre of the forest, you can enjoy a unique view of the landscape towards Frederikshavn and all the way to Læsø, far out in the Kattegat. And from the nature area Tolne Bakker (Strandhuls Bakker) you can enjoy a scenic view of Skagen Odde and the drifting dune Råbjerg Mile.


The forest Tolne Skov invites hikes along the 3 marked hiking routes. Here you can pick berries and fungus and keep an eye out for the rich animal life of the forest. You can also cycle along the routes Hærvejsruten and Tolneruten that both lead you through Tolne Skov. At Mosbjerg, 3 km towards north, you can fish or sail in canoe on the stream Uggerby Å. Golfers can test the courses of the nearby Sindal Golfklub (7 km).

Worth a visit

The agricultural museum, Landskabs- og Landbrugsmuseet, in Mosbjerg is an open-air museum, which is inhabited by farmers during the summer and autumn holiday. At the two smallholdings of the museum you can experience authentic settings and old livestock breeds as well as take part in activites like e.g. harvest and iron age days (3 km towards north). In the vicinity you can also visit craftsmen like glass artists, potters and painters. Go exploring in the forest Tolne Skov, where you can find grave mounds and other interesting ancient monuments.

Excursion spots

Experience the eagle reserve EagleWorld near Tuen, where Nordic birds of prey, like e.g. the golden eagle, the sea eagle and the peregrine falcon demonstrate their hunt techniques in co-operation med man (16 km). Farm Fun near Ålbæk is a big playground and activity park in scenic surroundings with animals and rides for both children and adults (17 km). The commercial town Frederikshavn offers shops, restaurants, interesting museums and the scenic area Bangsbo with deer park and botanical garden (18 km). From Frederikshavn you can also go ona a daytrip to the scenic island Læsø in the Kattegat. During your holiday in Tolne you ought to visit Denmark''s largest drifting dune, Råbjerg Mile, near Bunken (19 km), Scandinavia''s largest aquarium, Nordsøen Oceanariet, the German fortifications, Bunkermuseet 10. Batteri, in Hirtshals (37 km), Denmark''s northernmost town, the charming harbour town Skagen (38 km) as well as the great amusement park, Fårup Sommerland (55 km).



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