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Strandby is a small and cosy fishing town by the Kattegat, 8 km north of the commercial town Frederikshavn. The town has an active and charming fishing harbour, a small marina, a lovely bathing beach, more shops and an untraditional and oval church with a saddle-shaped roof. At a distance the church resembles a fishing vessel with a hoisted sail. From the town as well as the beach you can enjoy the view of Hirsholmene, a cluster of islands, which are located a few km off the shore. It is possible to buy groceries in Strandby, and 8 km towards south, Frederikshavn offers good shopping opportunities, restaurants as well as sights for the whole family.



The beach of Strandby is a lovely, wide and sandy beach with dunes and Blue Flag. Good parking conditions are available by the beach and a long ramp makes it possible to bring a perambulator and a wheelchair to the beach. As the water is calm and shallow, the beach is very suitable for children. On a clear day it is possible to see all the way to Skagen from the beach. Just north of Frederikshavn you can enjoy tropical atmosphere, dunes, hollows, palm trees, shady seaweed parasols as well as more beach volleyball courses on Denmark's only palm beach (6 km).


Strandby is surrounded by lush nature with forest, fields and the lovely bathing beach. Just south of Strandby, where the stream Elling Å falls into the Kattegat, you can experience a salt meadow with a rich birdlife. The birds can be observed from a gazebo on the spot. Hirsholmene off Strandby are Denmark's northernmost group of islands. Hirsholmene is a conservation area and has been laid out as a scientific reserve. A large number of birds breed and winter here. The wooded hills behind Frederikshavn offers more view points. The view of the town and the sea is especially unique from the 71 m high viewpoint Pikkerbakken (10 km). Bangsbo Skoven is a beech forest of app. 100 hectares with a rich animal and bird life. In the river valley Bangsbo Ådal you can observe a large number of bird species - year round (12 km). Experience the 40 m high Råbjerg Mile, one of Europe's largest drifting dunes, near Kandestederne (26 km).


The wide and sandy beach invites swimming, sunbathing and various beach activities. With its reserves, salt meadows and river valleys the area is equally ideal for bird enthusiasts. Anglers can try their luck by the shore, in the streams of the hinterland, f.ex. Elling Å, and in the Put & Take fishponds of the area. The area offers more golf courses. Test the courses of Frederikshavn Golf Klub (7 km), Sæby Golfklub (21 km) and Sindal Golf Klub (25 km), which are all located in areas of scenic beauty. In Frederikshavn you can bowl, play tennis, squash and minigolf, as well as swim in swimming baths and aquaparks.

Worth a visit

Visit Frederikshavn, the town of the naval hero Tordenskjold, with the belvedere Cloostårnet, the cosy old quarter Fiskeklyngen, the big traffic harbour, the manor house Bangsbo, Bangsbo Museum, the botanical gardens as well as the animal park of Bangsbo (8 km). In the animal park Farm Fun in Ålbæk you can come close to animals like pegs, cows, sheep, kangaroos, emus, ponies, peacocks, lamas etc. and amuse yourselves in the play land with bouncing cushions, moon cars and the like (15 km).

Excursion spots

From Frederikshavn you can sail to the island Læsø, to the conservation area Hirsholmene or to Gothenburg in Sweden. Gothenburg offers large department store, cosy restaurants and the famous amusement park Liseberg. Visit the eagle sanctuary Ørnereservatet near Tversted and enjoy the amazing aviation of the birds. Come close to some of the world's biggest eagle species (26 km). On its service between Frederikshavn and Skagen the train from Skagensbanen stops in Strandby. Board the train and visit Skagen with Grenen, the fishing harbour, the traditional Skagen houses, the museums and the church, which is buried in sand (36 km). Nordsømuseet contains Europe's largest salt-water aquarium, Oceanariet, as well as a sealarium. Experience fish species from the North Sea and touch some of them (47 km). In the amusement park Fårup Sommerland & Aquapark you can try more than 50 interesting activities, incl. Denmark's greatest aquapark and Denmark's biggest switchback, Falken (86 km).



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