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The small idyllic market town Mariager is known as 'the town of the roses' and is one of the best-preserved towns in Denmark.


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Mariager is situated right at the inlet 'Mariager Fjord', north of Randers, and surrounded by scenic nature areas, monument of the past and sights for the whole family. The cosy town is famous for the inlet, its roses, the old and wry half-timbered houses and cobbled streets. It exudes romance and idyll. You will also find a cosy atmosphere in the marina of the town. Mariager offers interesting museums, good shopping possibilities and more restaurants.



You will find a number of good bathing places along the inlet 'Mariager Fjord' and towards north along the coast of the Kattegat. The beach 'Færgehagen Strand', just west of Mariager, has ideal conditions for windsurfers. Half an hours drive from (about 30 km) you will find a lovely bathing beach by the holiday town Øster Hurup by the Kattegat. The long, wide and sandy beach has low dunes and Blue Flag. The beach is very suitable for children because of the small waves and the shallow water. The beach is also a popular place for bathing, sunbathing, windsurfing and other beach activities.


Vigorous nature landscapes, old forests and moors, the green area by the river valley 'Kastbjerg Ådal' and the large salt meadows surround Mariager. The recreational area 'Munkholmanlægget' in the middle of Mariager is a small oasis with forest and a spring with running water 'Helligkilden'. The viewpoint 'Hohøj' by Mariager is Denmark's highest grave mound and situated 110 metres above sea level. In clear weather the visibility can be up to 50 km. Bramslev Bakker is a preserved nature area with marked walking paths. The forest 'Vesterskoven' stretches along the inlet and here you will find the viewpoint 'Sukkertoppen', which lays 41 metres above sea level. The point 'Katbjerg Odde' is a preserved, undulating area with a varied nature, which is famous for its orchids. The game preserve 'Mariager Fjord Vildtreservat' is an important resting place for many water and wading birds.


Go on a trip with the preserved railway line 'Mariager-Handest Veteranbane', which takes you along the inlet of Mariager, and experience the landscape in a different way. Or how about a sailing trip on the inlet with the ship 'Svanen' - a copy op the famous Mississippi steamboats? By Mariager tennis, beach volley and petanque courts are available. Golf players can try test the course by 'Mariager Fjord Golf Klub' where you will also have the most beautiful view. Furthermore, the nearby courses by 'Rold Skov Golfklub' and 'Randers Golf Klub' are also worth a visit. Anglers have good possibilities for a haul along the inlet as well as in the sea by Als Odde. A number of Put & Take fishponds are also available in the area. The many scenic areas, surrounding Mariager, invite walks and bicycle trips.

Worth a visit

The more than 600 years old town is famous for its beautiful roses that can be observed all over the town. 'Mariager Museum' is established in a beautiful old merchant's house from the 17th century. See the grocer's shop, a barber's shop, living rooms in rococo style, a kitchen, a forge, workshops as well as exhibitions, where artefacts from different eras are displayed. The gallery 'Vognporten' shows alternating art exhibitions. In the garden 'Klosterhaven' herbs and healing plants from the past are grown. Experience the magic of the salt at 'Danmarks Saltcenter', which is the only tourist attraction in Scandinavia, where the raw material salt is the main subject. In the hut 'Sydehytten' you will get an idea of the salt salt-making procedure. Mariager has a large, beautiful and whitewashed abbey church in 2 stores. The undulating terrain around 'Hohøj' contains a number of unique and varying relics of ancient culture from the antiquity, the Middle Ages and historical times.

Excursion spots

The viking centre 'Fyrkat' offers activities and sights, which will bring you about 1,000 years back in time, and illustrates life at one of the largest viking strongholds of that time. 'Fyrkat Møllegård' is a preserved half-timbered farm with a more than 200 years old watermill (15 km). In 'Randers Regnskov' (the rain forest of Randers) you can experience jungle paths, rocks, crocodiles and waterfalls (25 km). Visit 'Verdenskortet' (the world map) in the scenic area by the lake 'Klejtrup Sø'. See the world on a reduced scale with i.a. lakes, rivers and mountain ranges (27 km). In the lime stone mines 'Thingbæk Kalkminer' by the forest 'Rold Skov' an underground sculpture museum has been established in the old mine passages (30 km). Visit Århus with the amusement park 'Tivoli Friheden', the open-air museum 'Den Gamle By', the music house, the art museum 'Aros', the small alleys of the quarter 'Latinerkvarteret', the vivid atmosphere by the river 'Vadestedet' aso. (77 km).



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