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The holiday home area Helberskov is located in a scenic forest area, right by the Kattegat. Here you can spend your holiday in scenic and tranquil surroundings and be active in nature. The children can enjoy a great nature playground in the forest between the holiday homes. Close to Helberskov you can visit the holiday town Oster Hurup.


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The village Helberskov is a beautiful example of a preservation-worthy village environment, which bears the marks of a more than 200 years old architectural style. The pretty half-timbered farms from the 17th. and the 18th. century are situated around the village pond. The cosy nature area is situated about 8 kilometres south of the popular holiday town Øster Hurup with the lovely beaches, various leisure activities, good shopping possibilities as well as many restaurants.

View bench by the shallow shore in Helberskov The shallow water by the holiday home area in Helberskov The holiday homes in Helberskov are surrounded by forest and plantation You can follow more walking paths through the woodlands with holiday homes in Helberskov


It is possible to swim by the Kattegat shore around Als Odde, and the conditions for windsurfing are very good here, but if you wish to swim by the white, sandy beaches with calm, shallow water and dunes, you can go to Øster Hurup, which is situated about 8 km towards north. The beach has the Blue Flag and is very suitable for children because of the small waves and the shallow water. The beach is also a popular place for bathing, sunbathing, windsurfing and other beach activities.


The nature around Helberskov has a rich animal life with i.a. roe deer, pheasants, foxes and various birds. From 'Bjerget' (the mountain) in Helberskov you can experience the magnificent view of the inlet 'Mariager Fjord' and the Kattegat. The coast by Helberskov and around Als Odde consists of wide and level salt meadows with many wading birds. The areas south-west of for Als Odde, towards the inlet, lay only about 1 metre above sea level. 'Lille Vildmose' is the largest marsh area in Denmark and contains lakes, farm areas and the forests 'Høstemark Skov' and 'Toft Skov'. Further inland you can experience the secone largest forest area in Denmark. 'Rold Skov' has an undulating terrain, many forest lakes, springs, varying forest, a rich animal life and a number of walking paths. The forest is definitely worth a visit.


With the inlet 'Mariager Fjord' towards the south and the Kattegat towards the east, the area, surrounding Helberskov, invites water activities. Anglers have good possibilities for a haul from the pier in Als Odde, in Mariager Fjord as well as in the streams and Put & Take fishponds of the area. By the pier in Als Odde you can also rent a boat and go fishing on 'Mariager Fjord'. Besides fishing, sailing and water skiing are popular activities in the area. The area is ideal for hikes and bicycle trips. As the area is level, it is very comfortable for bicyclists. Lovely nature experiences await you along the marked bicycle routes, which lead you through the scenic landscapes of eastern Himmerland and around 'Mariager Fjord'. The holiday town Øster Hurup offers a subtropical water world, which is open all year round, as well as minigolf, tennis courts and bicycle and horse rental (8 km). Golf players can try out the scenic course by Rold Skov Golfklub.

Worth a visit

Visit some of the many galleries, art workshops and regional museums in the area around Hadsund (14 km). By 'Mariager Fjord' you can see the beautiful mill 'Havnø Mølle' with the thatched roof. The mill is northern Jutland's largest preserved windmill and you have a magnificent view of the inlet from here. The regional museum 'Als Hjemstavnsmuseum' is established in a half-timbered house with a thatched roof and shows a farmhouse from the period 1750-1830 with furniture. 'Willestrup Barokhave' from the year 1750 by the property 'Willestrup' is a beautiful manor house garden with fountains, roses and bulbous plant. The stream 'Willestrup Å' flows through the garden. The regional museum 'Hadsund Egns Museum' is scenically situated and contains exhibitions, which informs of the history of the region. The well-preserved properties 'Ravnborg', 'Wiffertsholm', 'Porsgården' and 'Fredenslund' are all worth a visit.

Excursion spots

Experience Mariager 'the town of the roses', see the beautiful old half-timbered houses and the cobbled streets, and enjoy the idyllic surrounding nature landscape. Here you will also find the salt centre 'Danmarks Saltcenter', where you can experience the magic of the salt (27 km). The large forest 'Rold Skov' offers an undulating terrain, forest lakes, springs, varying forest, a rich animal life and many walking routes (38 km). In the lime stone mines 'Thingbæk Kalkminer' by the forest 'Rold Skov' an underground sculpture museum has been established in the old mine passages. The viking centre 'Fyrkat' by Hobro consists of the preserved castle mounds 'Fyrkat' as well as reconstructions of a castle house and a viking farm with nine houses, build shortly before the year 1000 (42 km). In 'Randers Regnskov' (the rain forest of Randers) you can experience jungle paths, rocks, crocodiles and waterfalls. The rain forest lives up to its name (45 km).



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