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The holiday home area Bratten is situated right by the Kattegat and offers a great bathing beach with a long bathing jetty and many lovely holiday homes in the scenic hinterland. The holiday area invites a cosy and active family holiday and therefore, holiday home rental is very popular in Bratten.


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Bratten is a lovely and cosy holiday home area in green surroundings, right down to a lovely beach with a long bathing jetty. When you spend your holiday in Bratten, you can take part in more arrangements, like e.g. beach volley tournaments, fun runs, evening gatherings and much more. And behind the beach the children can use a great playground with trampolines among other things. You can buy groceries in the grocery shop, which is open during the summer. 3 km south of Bratten you will find the small town Strandby, which has a large fishing harbour and marina, good shopping opportunities and a pleasant atmosphere. From your holiday home in Bratten you have 9 km to Frederikshavn towards south and 30 km to Skagen towards north.

The long bathing jetty by the white sandy beach in the holiday home area Bratten Bathers on the bathing jetty and in the water by the beach in the holiday area Bratten Holiday home in scenic surroundings behind the shore in Bratten Large and lovely playground behind the beach in the holiday home area Bratten


The Kattegat beach in Bratten is a lovely and wide sandy beach with dunes and shallow child-friendly water. The beach of Bratten is very accessible for everyone, as a long ramp from the parking place leads down to the beach and continues out on an 80 metres long bathing jetty. The bathing jetty has a railing and platforms with tables and benches as well as room for kayaks. These means of access enable bathers with pram or pushchair and wheelchair users to drive directly from the car or holiday home to the bathing water.


Forest and a lovely bathing beach characterize the nature, surrounding the holiday house area by Bratten. The salt meadows by the stream 'Elling Å' has a rich bird life, which can be observed from the bird towers of the area.


Anglers will find good possibilities in this area as they can fish directly from the beach, in the Put & Take fishponds of the area as well as in the stream 'Elling Å'. However, a fishing prohibition is to be regarded by the preserved stream 'Rugholm Å'. 2 golf courses are available in the area. The wide and sandy beach invites walks in all kinds of weather.

Worth a visit

Visit the local galleries and ceramic workshops, where f.x. pottery, glass, paintings and graphics are displayed. The church of Strandby is very untraditional in its shape. See the oval church with a roof, which is shaped like a saddle.

Excursion spots

Only 12 km from Bratten you can go with the ferry on a daytrip to the island Læsø or to Sweden. On its route between Skagen and Frederikshavn the train 'Skagensbanen' makes a stop in Bratten. The eagle sanctuary in Tuen by Tversted is situated in scenic surroundings. Get close to some of the world¿s largest eagle species and watch the magnificent birds as the get fed in the air (20 km). Visit Skagen with Grenen, where the Kattegat and the Skagerrak meet, the fishing harbour, 'Den Tilsandede Kirke' (the church, buried in sand), the museums, the shops and the many restaurants with i.a. fresh seafood during your stay in Bratten (30 km). The museum Nordsømuseet in Hirtshals is Europe's largest aquarium with an oceanarium and a sealarium. Experience sharks and fish as well as the activity centre and the exhibition about fish and fishing (30 km).



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