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By the cosy fishing hamlet Ålbæk, about 20 km south of Skagen, you will find one of the most child-freindly beaches of eastern Jutland.


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A stay in Ålbæk offers scenic nature experiences and numerous tourist attractions. The location of the town, right by the Kattegat, means that lovely bathing beaches are within reach, and close by, Skagen provides you with good shopping possibilities, entertainment as well as cultural and historic experiences. Ålbæk has a charming and cosy harbour environment, which attracts many yachting enthusiasts every year.

Holiday homes in green surroundings behind the dunes and the beach in the holiday area Ålbæk View of the sea and the beach from the dunes in the holiday home area Ålbæk The cosy marina in the holiday area Ålbæk A wooden path leads down to the inviting bathing beach in the holiday area Ålbæk


By Ålbæk a lovely, white and long sandy beach is available right by the harbour. The location in the bay 'Ålbæk Bugt' makes sure that the water is calm and shallow, which make the beach very suitable for children. Because of the clear water, the beach is also provided with the Blue Flag.


Right behind Ålbæk lays the dune plantation 'Ålbæk Klitplantage' with more marked walking paths in the scenic nature. The location of Ålbæks makes it possible to experience both the east and the west coast of Jutland. Go to the wide and white sandy beaches of the North Sea and experience 'Råbjerg Mile', one of Europe's largest drifting dunes. The dune is preserved and moves 15 metres towards north-east every year. Between the coasts lush meadows and forests characterize the landscape, and by the east coast you can enjoy the level salt meadows with a vigorous plant and bird life. Make the most of the short distance between the east and west coast, and see the sun rise over the Kattegat and set over the Skagerrak. The varying nature landscape can be experienced on food, on bicycle, from a canoe, on horseback or in car.


The area, surrounding Ålbæk, is ideal if you wish to be active during your holiday. Beautiful nature experiences await you along the many walking, bicycle and riding paths of the area. Anglers have good possibilities in the area. You can fish directly from the shore as well as in the streams and Put & Take fishponds of the area. The 18-hole seaside golf course 'Hvide Klit' is situated about 15 km west of Ålbæk, close to Skiveren. In Tversted, 17 km from Ålbæk, you will find a lovely water world with activities for the whole family.

Worth a visit

Follow the interesting work process in the glass factories and potteries of the town. Visit the local galleries and ceramic workshops, where f.x. pottery, glass, paintings and graphics are often displayed. The eagle sanctuary 'Ørnereservatet' by Tversted is situated in scenic surrounds, about 11 km west of Ålbæk. Get close to some of the world's largest eagle species and watch them get fed in the air. The church of Strandby is very untraditional in it's shape. Experience the oval church with a roof, shaped like a saddle. At the animal park 'Farm Fun' children can strike and cuddle more than 20 different animals. A large playground is also available.

Excursion spots

From Frederikshavn, 19 km from Ålbæk, you can go with the ferry on a daytrip to the island Læsø or to Sweden. In the Swedish town Göteborg you will find large department stores, cosy restaurants and the famous amusement park Liseberg. Visit Skagen with the harbour, the marina, the characteristic houses, the museums as well as the many shops and seafood restaurants (20 km). Take the small train 'Sandormen' to 'Grenen', the northernmost point of Denmark, where you can see the two seas the Skagerrak and the Kattegat meet. 'Den Tilsandede Kirke' (the church, buried in sand), south of Skagen, is together with the drifting dune 'Råbjerg Mile' and tip of Skagen 'Grenen' among the most famous nature sights in Denmark. In the amusement park 'Fårup Sommerland & Aquapark' by the holiday town Blokhus you can try out more than 50 exciting activities for the whole family. When the entry has been paid for, all activities are available for free (85 km).



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