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The mediaeval town Stege is the largest town on the beautiful island Møn, but still a cosy, well-arranged and very historic town. The history of the town goes back 1,000 years and can be read from the old merchant's houses, the streets and the squares. The ramparts of the town originate from the Middle Ages and are Denmark's oldest preserved fortifications. Stege is an ideal holiday destination for water sport activities such as yachting, windsurfing and angling. Stege offers good shopping possibilities and more restaurants. Møn is connected to Sealand and Falster by bridges, and the ferry services to Germany and Sweden are only about an hours drive away.



The bathing beach by the bay of Stege has shallow water and is therefore very suitable for children. The beach also offers good opportunities for windsurfers and sailors. Nice and clean beaches characterize Møn, and the beach 'Ulvshale Strand', 7 km north of Stege has been awarded with a European price for being one of the best bathing beaches in Europe. The beach is a wide and white sandy beach with dunes and shallow water. Often small lagoons are formed in the water's edge, in which the children enjoy to play. Wheel chair users also have access to the beach.


The unique nature of the island attracts many nature lovers, who enjoy the quiet beautiful beaches, the rich bird areas, the lovely forests and the magnificent views. The forest 'Ulvshale Skov' lies north of Stege and the forest has a number of paths, which invite walks. South of 'Ulvshale Skov' you will find a large area with heather and junipers. Many interesting bird species can be observed here during the spring and autumn season. The bay 'Hegnede Bugt' with its large forest of reeds is situated between Stege and Ulvshale. The island Nyord is situated in almost continuation of the peninsular Ulvshale. The landscape on Nyord is characterized by salt meadows and reed swamps, and the area is an important breeding and resting place for water birds.


Anglers have good opportunities along the varying and quite unique stretches of coast, which surround Møn. Deep-sea fishing is also an option, and can be tried out from the boat Discovery, which sails out from the harbour of Klintholm (16 km). Windsurfers and sailors will find good winds in the bay of Stege. With its moderate size the island is ideal for walks as well as bicycle and horseback rides. Golf players can test the undulating and scenically situated course of 'Møn Golfklub' by Stege Nor.

Worth a visit

Visit Møns Museum, which is situated in a beautiful old merchant's house in Stege. Here a mediaeval exhibition from the castle of Stege is displayed. Many artists and craftsmen have chosen to settle on Møn, and the many painters, sculptors, ceramicists, glassblowers, amber cutters, candle manufactures and willow weavers have exhibitions all over the island. On Møn you will find a number of graves from the antiquity in the shape of cromlechs, passage graves and mounds from the bronze age. The church Fanefjord Kirke was erected in the year 1250, and contains beautiful frescos from the 12th and 13th century. In the nearby churches of Elmelunde and Keldby you will find more unique frescos (app. 9 km).

Excursion spots

The castle 'Liselund Slot', just north of Møns Klint, is the world's only castle with thatched roof. The castle is scenically situated in a romantic recreation grounds and function as a museum (16 km). With its high chalk cliffs and the old beech forest, which grows all the way out on the cliffs, 'Møns Klint' is one of the most famous and visited nature areas in Denmark. The impressive white chalk cliffs rise from the sea and are an amazing sight both from the beach and from the cliff (20 km). In Nykøbing Falster Zoo (Folkeparken) you can experience no less the 500 animals, divided into 94 species (52 km). 'Middelaldercentret' is an open-air museum by Sundby, where an authentic village from the 12th century with houses, workshops, ships, vessels and a catapult has been created (55 km). Bonbonland is an amusement park, which gathers the whole family around more than 70 crazy activities, different fun shows and many cosy corners. When the entry is paid, all activities are free (62 km).



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