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Fields, fresh air, forests, lakes, shores, bird sanctuaries and cosy towns surround Stavreby on the southern part of Falster.


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Stavreby is a small cosy village with just a few houses on the southern part of Falster. Stavreby is located in serene surroundings, right between the charming ferry town Gedser and the lovely popular holiday resort Marielyst - with 10 kilometres to both. Stavreby is surrounded by fields, but the driving distances to shores, towns, sights and activities for the whole family are short. Both Marielyst and Gedser offer atmosphere, shops, restaurants, pubs and tourist attractions.



From the shores opposite Stavreby you can angle, walk and enjoy the view towards Lolland. If you wish to swim by one of Denmark’s most lovely sandy beaches, you can visit Marielyst. The beach of Marielyst is a long, wide, child-friendly and sandy beach with dunes, pure bathing water and Blue Flag. The beach offers very good swimming opportunities. It is possible to find amber everywhere along the shores of Falster – the chances are especially good near Gedser Odde after a storm.


Fields and meadows surround Stavreby. Here you will find peace and tranquillity. Right behind the long beach of Marielyst you will find the pine forest Bøtøskoven, which invites walks all year round. Towards north the forest borders on the bird sanctuary Bøtø Nor. From the 2 gazebos of the sanctuary you can observe the rich birdlife, the large lake, the fields, the forest of reeds and the green meadows. Near the spit Gedser Odde, the southernmost point of Scandinavia, you can experience a quite unique nature. The southern side of the spit is quiet and sheltered, whereas the northern side is very stormy. You have a good chance of finding amber and sea urchin here. Near the spit you can observe birds of prey as well as large flocks of finches, swallows, ducks and geese among others.


The eastern shores of Falster are very suitable for coastal fishing. Opposite Stavreby you are able to catch sea trout, garfish, eel and eelpout. Furthermore, a number of Put & Take fishponds are available on the southern part of Falster. You can also go fishing with a cutter from the harbour of Gedser. The beaches, forests and bird sanctuaries of southern Falster invite lovely nature experiences. At Marielyst Golf Klub you have a beautiful 18-hole course with woods, canals and lakes at your disposal (8 km). The swimming baths Svømmecenter Falster in Nykøbing offers 3 pools in subtropical settings. Here you can enjoy a pool that is 35 degrees centigrade warm, diving boards and a 66 metres long water slide (16 km). If you are interested in horse racing you can watch races on the trotting track Nykøbing Falster Travbane.

Worth a visit

Experience the beautifully restored and still functional mill in Gedesby (7 km). The post mill in Stovby is the only one of its kind in Denmark. The mill originates from 1668, but it burned down and is now reconstructed and open for visitors (10 km). Det Sorte Museum in Gedser is a geologic museum, and here you can experience finds from the shores of Falster – like for example fossils, rocks, minerals and amber (10 km). Gedser Remise is a working railway museum, where you can see the old trains and trams. At the life saving station Gedser Redningsstation you can experience an extremely fast boat, which sails at a speed of around 70 km/h, as well as modern rescue equipment.

Excursion spots

In Nykøbing Falster Zoo (Folkeparken) you can experience no less than 500 animals from the whole world, classified in 94 species (15 km). Middelaldercentret in Sundby near Nykøbing is an open-air museum, in which an authentic 1400-century environment with houses, workshops, ships, vessels and a catapult has been erected (19 km). Krokodille Zoo in Eskilstrup contains Europe’s largest collection of different crocodile species. Furthermore, you can experience tortoise, monitor and an anaconda here (27 km). The impressive forest Corselitze covers 6,000 hectares on the northeastern part of Falster. Besides scenic beach forest you can also enjoy countless other beautiful landscapes and even ancient monuments. The wood Halskov Vænge is a part of the Corslitze forest and contains 6 cromlechs and 72 grave mounds (40 km). In Knuthenborg Park & Safari the animals move around in huge nature areas - right around your car or bus. Magnificent nature and animal experience await you here (42 km).



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