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Sortsø Strand is situated in lovely natural surroundings by the beautiful strait ''Grønsund'' on northern Falster.


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The holiday house area by Sortsø Strand is quiet and cosy. Sortsø has its own small and charming harbour, Sortsø Fritidshavn. From the shores of Sortsø Strand you can enjoy the view of the island Bogø. The forests and the coasts of the strait ''Grønsund'' offer scenic experiences as well as good excursion and bathing possibilities. The market town Stubbekøbing is situated 6 km from Sortsø Strand and here you will find a cosy marina, green recreational areas, good shopping possibilities and restaurants.



By Sortsø Strand is it possible to swim from a bathing jetty. 8 km towards east, the beach of Ore is available. This beach is a lovely bathing beach with fine sand. An ideal place for swimming, sunbathing, walks and various beach activities.


A lovely nature area and the cove ''Sortsø Nor'' surround Sortsø Strand. The forest ''Sortsø Fredskov'' contains a long barrow among other things. ''Barup Sø'' is a bird sanctuary, which is situated in a long valley about 3 km south of Sortsø. From the bird tower you can enjoy the view of the birds, both in the forest of reeds and on the lake. The impressive forest ''Corselitze-skovene'' covers an area of app. 6,000 hectares of land on the north-eastern part of Falster, only a few km from Ore Strand. Besides a beautiful beech forest and other scenic landscapes, the forest offers more relics. By the south-east coast of Falster the pine forest ''Bøtøskoven'' is situated. The forest abuts on the cove ''Bøtø Nor'' towards north and on Gedesby towards south. The forest invites walks on all times of the year. The bird sanctuary ''Bøtø Nor'' has 2 bird gazeboes, from which you can enjoy the view of the rich bird life, the large lake, the fields, the forest of reeds and the green meadows.


Anglers will find good opportunities all along the coast of the strait ''Grønsund'', by the harbour bridge in Sortsø, in the stream ''Sortsø Å'' as well as in the Put & Take fishponds of the area. If you wish to sail out on your own, you can rent boats in Stubbekøbing. Lolland and Falster have more golf courses of high standard. The courses of ''Faster Golf Klub'' by Virket and ''Golfklubben Storstrømmen'' are the ones that are situated closest to Sortsø Strand. Lovely nature experiences await you along the many bicycle and walking paths in f.x. the forests of Falster.

Worth a visit

Visit the old marked town Stubbekøbing, which has preserved its original character. Experience the vivid environment in the marina, the old squares, a couple of museums, interesting shops and more restaurants (6 km). At the motorcycle and radio museum ''Stubbekøbing Motorcykel- og Radiomuseum'' you can experience a unique collection of old motorcycles as well as rare radios, loudspeakers, televisions and much more. The large forest ''Corselitze-skovene'' contains more historic relics as for example passage graves and cromlechs. ''Krokodille Zoo'' in Eskilstrup has Europe''s largest collection of different crocodile species. Furthermore, you can experience tortoises, monitors and an anaconda here (14 km). By Eskildstrup you will also find a tractor museum, which displays an exhibition of tractors and engines from former times.

Excursion spots

In Nykøbing Falster Zoo (Folkeparken) you can experience no less the 500 animals, divided into 94 species (22 km). ''Middelaldercentret'' is an open-air museum by Sundby, where an authentic village from the 12th. century with houses, workshops, ships, vessels and a catapult has been created (25 km). In ''Knuthenborg Safaripark'' by Maribo the wild animals move around in their natural surroundings - right around your car or bus. Observe giraffes, rhinos, ostriches, antelopes, zebras and Siberian tigers at close range (44 km). The cliff ''Møns Klint'' is a spectacular corner of Denmark. The impressive white chalk cliffs rise from the sea and are an amazing sight (47 km). Bonbonland offers more than 70 activities for the whole family - by land, by sea, and in the air (58 km).



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