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NNørre Alslev on Falster is an ideal holiday area for anglers, golfers and others, who wish for a cosy and tranquil holiday in lovely nature.


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The area, surrounding Nørre Alslev, invites holiday in quiet and scenic surroundings. Nørre Alslev is the second largest town on Falster. It is located on the northern part of the island and contains a large swimming centre, restaurants as well as more grocery and speciality shops. Around Nørre you will find idyllic forest areas, fields, cosy stretches of coast with small boats as well as not least peace and quiet. Theis area is ideal for anglers, nature lovers and perhaps golfers.



You can swim in the harbour bath Gåbense Havnebad, 6 km north of Nørre Alslev. The harbour bath is located next to the modern marina Gåbense Lystbådehavn. The water depth is between 2 and 3 metres – however just 1-1½ metres by the club house. If you wish to swim from a long white and sandy beach with dunes and child-friendly waves, you can drive to Marielyst Strand, 31 km towards south.


The nature, surrounding Nørre Alslev, is characterized by fields, green areas and coast. You can among other things take a walk in the two lovely forests Vålse Vesterskov and Resle Skov, which are both located directly by the water. 7 km towards east you will find the bird sanctuary Barup Sø in a long valley. A nature path leads you to the observation tower, from which you can watch the birds in the canebrake and on the lake. The small and peaceful forest Halskov Vænge contains no less than 72 mounds og 6 barrows. And close by you will find the 44 metres high hill Bavnehøj - the highest spot on Falster. The beautiful forests Corselitzeskovene stretch over 16 km on the eastern part of Falster. Here you can enjoy the scenic beech forest, which is located right down to the water, find rare orchids, observe passage graves and barrows as well as some of the wild animals of the forest, if you are in luck.


Visit the local swimming baths Nordfalster Svømmecenter in Nørre Alslev. Here you can enjoy a lovely swimming pool with facilities for all ages, as well as a great wellness department with sauna, spa and a Turkish bath. Anglers can profit by the good angling opportunities along the coast of Guldborgsund. You can also rent a boat and sail out with the fishing rod on your own. The area also offers more Put & Take fish ponds. Falster Golfklub is located just a few km south of Nørre Alslev and here you can play on a very beautiful, 30 years old course, surrounded by forest. The many forests and coastal areas on Falster invite bicycle rides and walks.

Worth a visit

The old charming market town Stubbekøbing is scenically situated by the water. Here you can enjoy the vibrant environment in the marina, from where you can also sail to the island Bogø. Stubbekøbing offers old squares, more museums, good shops and more restaurants (10 km). Stubbekøbing Motorcykel- og Radiomuseum shows a unique collection of old motor cycles as well as equipment like rare radios, loud speakers and TVs. In Krokodille Zoo in Eskilstrup you can experience all of the 23 crocodile species, which live in the world today, as well as other interesting animals like clouded leopards, monitors, iguanas, tortoises and snakes (11 km).

Excursion spots

In Guldborgsund Zoo & Botanisk Have you will find more than 90 animal species as well as a number of plants, flowers and bushes. Try a jungle safari in the green surroundings, come really close to the animals and play on the large nature playground (20 km). The mediaeval centre Middelaldercentret near Sundby is an interesting open-air museum with an authentic environment from the 14th century. Here you can experience a town with houses, workshops, ships and a catapult. Each year the centre arranges interesting knight tournaments as well as a cosy Christmas market (23 km). In Knuthenborg Safaripark on Lolland you can come close to the wild animals, which live in natural surroundings. You can move around in the park in your own car, in a bus, on a bicycle or on food and experience the largest safari park in Northern Europe (36 km).



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