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Næsby Strand is scenically situated on the southern coast of Lolland between Rødby and Nakskov.


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The holiday area Næsby Strand in the bay 'Musholmbugten' is a quiet and cosy nature landscape by both forest and beach. The distances to larger towns, sights and leisure activities are not far. It is possible to buy groceries in the area, and close to Næsby Strand, the holiday area Hummingen offers more restaurants. The nearest larger town is Nakskov, which is situated about 15 km from Næsby Strand, and here you can shop, go sightseeing and visit the old harbour.

The path, Digestien, between the holiday homes and the beach in Næsby Strand Bathing jetty by the fine sandy beach in the holiday area Næsby Strand View along the many small bays by the beach in Næsby Strand View bench by the path, Digestien, behind the beach in the holiday home area Næsby Strand


Towards south the beach of Næsby is a lovely sandy beach with a bathing jetty. The water is shallow, which makes the beach suitable for children. 15 km towards east you will find the beach of Hummingen, which is one of the best bathing beaches on southern Lolland. The beach is very suitable for children and has both dunes and Blue Flag. An ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing, waking and other beach activities.


Fields, forest and beach surround Næsby Strand. The area is quiet and has a rich animal and bird life. The landscape is fairly level and therefore very suitable for bicycle rides. You will find a number of good walking and bicycle paths close to the sea. Follow i.a. the 40 km long path 'Digesti', which leads you from Rødbyhavn to Albuen along the strait 'Femeren Bælt'. The northern part of Lolland is rich in forest areas and has a rich animal life. The nature park 'Maribosøerne' you can walk in the scenic landscape or go sailing on one of the four lakes, where you can observe a rich bird life.


Anglers will find good opportunities all along the coast by Næsby Strand. If you wish to fish on the sea, you can rent rowboats in the area. A couple of Put & Take fishponds are also available in the vicinity. Lolland has 2 golf clubs: 'Vestlollands Golfklub' by Nakskov and 'Golfklubben Maribo Sø' by Maribo. Along the bicycle and walking path 'Digestien' you can enjoy the great view of the strait 'Femeren Bælt'.

Worth a visit

Visit the small town Kramnitse, which is situated 15 km towards east. Kramnitse has a small and idyllic fishing harbour, where you can buy fresh fish directly from the boats. Go on a trip to Nakskov and experience some of the many sights of the town. Danmarks Sukkermuseum tells the story of sugar throughout 130 years.

Excursion spots

At the manor house 'Pederstrup' you can visit the museum 'Reventlow-Museet' and a large park from the 1870-ies with more rare and very old trees (25 km). At the amber museum 'Jack-Stone Ravsliberi og Museum' in Rødby you can experience amber - the gold of the sea - in all its aspects (34 km). The former barracks 'Polakkasernen' in Tågerup are now a museum, and here you can get an insight into the life and work of the Polish women, who worked in the beet fields (37 km). In Knuthenborg Safaripark by Maribo the wild animals move around in their natural surroundings - right around your car or bus. Observe giraffes, rhinos, ostriches, antelopes, zebras and Siberian tigers at close range (42 km). By Nysted you will find the castle Aalholm Slot and the forest Aalholm Skov.



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