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The seaport of Kragnæs is situated in the northern part of Lolland by the Smålandshavet Archipelago. There is a ferry to the isles of Fejø, Skalø and Femø. South of the ferry port is a marina wth a cozy, maritime atmosphere. You are surrounded by beautiful, hilly nature with passage graves, prehistoric barrows and kettle holes. You will live close to attractions and the big cities of Nakskov (19 km) and Maribo (24 km). If you rent a holiday home by Kragenæs, you will have a time of peace and quiet out in the country. You can enjoy the sight of pheasants and roe deer in the garden. There is a grocery at a walking distance, where you can get fresh bread every morning.

The 8 metres high stone figures, which represent Dodekalitten, by the shore in Kragenæs Bathing jetty by the shore, close to the marina and the holiday homes in Kragenæs Experience the atmosphere among the impressive stone figures, which represent Dodekalitten in Kragenæs Behind Dodekalitten in Kragenæs you can explore the burial mound Glentehøj


At the Kragenæs Strandpark there is a beautiful area with a floating, wooden pier and you can go for a nice swim to a bathing platform. The shallow water and the fine sandy bed without any stones make the Kragenæs Strandpark a child-friendly place. You will also find a playing field and Beach Volley as well as a coffee house, an ice-cream stall and a grocery. Tables and benches are at your disposal for enjoying your packed lunch or an ice-cream. You can park your car in a green area close to the wooden pier.


Ravnsby Bakker is the scenic area at Kragenæs, which is also called "The Alps of Lolland". The hillary landscape is a unique thing of Lolland. The Ravnsby Bakker was formed in the glacial period, where huge ice blocks were embedded in the ground, called dead ice. When the ice melted, it left deep holes in the ground. The most impressive example of a dead ice hole is the Møllelungen with a 900 x 300 m dip. The hillary landscape of the Ravnsby Bakker makes it easy to find good vantage points. Bavnehøj is the tallest point on Lolland at 30 metrs above sea level.
The pretty Torrig Skov faces the Smålandshavet Achipelago and you can walk along the cliff and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. The Torrig Skov comprises 24 prehistoric barrows, only one of which has been named, viz. Charlottehøj. The area has a lot of marked cycle paths running past barrows and passage graves.


For yachtsmen, the conditions are perfect, as the Korsør harbour is really a well-positioned harbour.  You are close to the South Funen Archipelago and the Smålandshavet Archipelago. 
Also, anglers profit from the great variety of fishing water close to Korsør. You find good angling spots at Korsør, e.g. the inner harbour of Korsør, Halskov Rev and Lejodden. Korsør Lystskov is a popular angling spot to a lot of local anglers. Good angling facilities, a fire ring on the beach and good toilets.
In the Korsør Lystskov you find a marked path system, suitable for a run or a walk. Good possibilities to experience the varying nature by Korsør on a bike trip.

Worth a visit

Close to Kragenæs, you will find the about 5000 years old passage grave of Glentehøj. The Glentehøj was excavated in 1826 and you can crawl into the grave.
A path leads to the spectacular monument of art, the Dodekalitten, whiich is a sculpture park exhibiting 12 monoliths of a height of 7-8 metres, with carved heads. An acoustic system makes the stone monuments ''sing'' and the song intensifies the unique atmosphere of the work of art. 
The Ravnsby Voldsted is a royal fortress from about the year 1250, situated on a 18 m high, natural protrusion facing the sea. The Ravnsby Voldsted is surrounded by a moat and grassy fields.
The Museumsbanen between Marino and Brandholm is a steam engine with passenger coaches and in the summer season you can have a trip on the train.

Excursion spots

Take the ferry to Fejø og Femø out of the Kragenæs harbour. You can go for a swim, enjoy your lunch or bring your bike and explore the isles. 
The Open-Air Museum in Maribo exists of 16 buildings telling about life from end 1600s and up to the First World War (22 km). 
The Fuglsang Museum of Art comprises an important collection of Danish works of art dating back to the end of the 1700s and up until today. It includes e.g. paintings, sculptures and art on paper (50 km). 
In the Knuthenborg Safaripark you can see more than 1200 animals represented by about 70 species (23 km).
The Middelaldercenteret (Medieval Centre) is an open-air museum and a centre of experience and test centre focusing on the Danish Middle Ages about the year of 1400 (51 km).
The Lolland-Falster Museum tells the history of Lolland-Falser from ancient history and till today (48 km). 
At the Nakskov Skibs- og Søfartsmuseum you can see exhibitions about ships, shipping and ship building focusing on the local area (21 km). 



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