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On the small, cosy and scenic island Fejø you are far away from the activities of the city.


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Fejø is the largest of the islands in the waters ''Smålandsfarvandet''. The island offers village idyll, orchards, small booths along the roads, a beautiful church, potteries, a candle factory, grocery stores, restaurants, fresh air, small beaches, peace, quiet and lovely nature. Fejø is a level island with small hills, and the highest point of the island is situated 12 metres above sea level. At its widest place the island measures 7.5 km, and therefore it is ideal for bicycle trips and walks. Fejø is connect to the small island Skalø by a dam. The ferry sails from Kragenæs on Lolland to Vester Havn on the western side of Fejø many times a day, and the crossing takes only 15 minutes.

Apple trees in long rows on the lovely holiday island Fejø Bathing jetty in the clear water by the holiday home area Sletteren on Fejø The well-maintained mill Fejø Mølle in Østerby, in the centre of the island Fejø Apple trees, as far as the eye can see, in the fertile ground on Fejø


A number of small beaches are available on Fejø. The water is shallow and calm, and therefore very suitable for children. The temperature of the bathing water is often very comfortable.


Fields and orchards characterize the landscape of Fejø. The island is fairly level and has only few small hills. The island and its surroundings attract a number of gooses, ducks and sea birds. The water ''Smålandsfarvandet'' around Fejø is a European bird sanctuary (a Ramsar area). Besides the birds, you can observe porpoises here. Along the dam, which connects Skalø with Fejø, you will find the shallow areas, ''Ninsta'' and ''Noret'', which are both resting places for wading birds. A number of preserved amphibian species, water salamanders, frogs and toads inhabit Fejø. Furthermore, you can see a variety of different flowers and butterflies on this island.


Fejø invites outdoor leisure activities, such as walks and bicycle or riding trips in the scenic and versatile nature. It is possible to rent boats, bicycles and Iceland ponies on the island. Anglers will find good opportunities along the shores of Fejø.

Worth a visit

The craftsmen of Fejø in f.x. the candle factory ''Fejø Lysfabrik'' and the pottery ''Fejø Keramik'' are worth visiting. The characteristic church, which originates from the year 1240, is situated on the south coast of Fejø. The island church lies off the beaten track and very close to the beach. The old smithy has been restored and stands today as in former times with forge, anvils and tools. The island also contains an archive of local history as well as an island museum. The harbour of Dybvig on the south side of the island is an old, but still active and cosy boat harbour with fisherman, yachts, restaurants and a cosy atmosphere. The small island Skalø is connected to the north-western part of Fejø with a small dam. Skalø has lovely undulating nature, a small harbour, 3 farms and 2 houses. A small natural pearl with a rich bird life.

Excursion spots

The manor house ''Pederstrup'' is situated on Lolland, about 14 km from Fejø. Here you can visit the museum ''Reventlow-Museet'' and a large park from the 1870-ies with more rare and very old trees. Go on a trip to Nakskov and experience some of the many sights of the town. Danmarks Sukkermuseum tells the history of sugar throughout 130 years. In Knuthenborg by Maribo the wild animals move around in their natural surroundings - right around your car or bus. Observe giraffes, rhinos, ostriches, antelopes, zebras and Siberian tigers at close range (27 km).



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