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The charming fishing hamlet Errindlev Havn is located in undisturbed settings right between Nysted and Rødbyhavn. The fishing hamlet was established already in the beginning of the 20th century. On the dock area, which is situated on the outer side of the dyke, you will find a quite unique atmosphere between the boats and the small houses. The shallow water of the harbour is very suitable for fishing and attracts a number of interesting birds. Errindlev Havn is surrounded by sea, the moraine plain of South Lolland, fields and green spaces. In this area, you can also enjoy the sight of the beautiful chestnut avenues between Lungholm and Holeby as well as between Kærstrup and Fuglse. You can buy groceries in the small cosy village Errindlev, which also contains a village pond. Furthermore, you will find good shopping facilities in Holeby and Rødby. If you wish to spend your holiday in tranquil and unspoiled surroundings, Errindlev Havn is an ideal holiday destination.



The beach of Saksfjed, 11 km to the west of Errindlev Havn, is a good and child-friendly sandy beach with high dunes. Nysted also offers a great and very child-friendly beach - Skansen. The beach is located in a park area, surrounded by wood, and here the water is always warmer than anywhere else. You will also find good surfing opportunities here. Skansen is located app. 20 km to the east of Errindlev Havn.


Errindlev Havn is surrounded by shallow water, which attracts a great number of birds. Behind the shore the landscape is characterized by moraine plain with fields and green spaces. You will find more hardwood forests in the area, e.g. near Bremersvold and Kærstrup. The lighthouse Hyllekrog Fyr is situated on a narrow 5 km long tongue of land, 12 km to the east of Errindlev Havn. On the tongue you can enjoy the tranquil and undisturbed nature, and from the lighthouse you can admire a great number og ducks and wading birds. Behind the sandy beach and the dyke of Saksfjed you can enjoy the beautiful nature areas with woods, marshy areas and grass meadows. In the western part of Nysted you will find Nysted Nor Vildtreservat - a large area with forest, meadows and swamp vegetation. The area is a part of an EU bird sanctuary.


The cosy little harbour invites sails and angling. The shallow water of Errindlev Havn attracts a great number of birds, which can be observed from the shore. You can go on a drive in the manor house landscape and enjoy the sight of the beautiful buildings and the chestnut avenues, or walk and drive on bicycle along the dikes of the shore. Try for example to follow the walking and bicycle route 'Paradisruten' - a scenic path, which leads you by the harbour of Nysted, through beautiful landscapes and pass small village environments and well-maintained old half-timbered houses. On the way you will also experience more culture-historical monuments. Lolland offers more good golf courses as well.

Worth a visit

In the village Errindlev you can visit the tower of the church and enjoy the good view over the plane landscape. Today, the old barrack in Hyldtofte 'Polakkasernen' (the Pole barrack’) functions as a museum, which tells the story about the many Polish beet workers, who went to Lolland in order to work in the beet fields (9 km). Visit the impressive castle Lunghom Slot near Rødby. The beautiful building with the corbie gables originates from 1639 (17 km).

Excursion spots

Visit Nysted and see the old streets with the beautiful houses and the belvedere, which has been established in the old water tower. In the pretty old market town Maribo you can experience a pleasant atmosphere, music, markets, shops, sightseeing and restaurants (24 km). The open-air museum of Maribo consists of houses, a farm, a post mill and a school, which give you an idea of the peasant culture and the architectural tradition around the year 1800. In Knuthenborg Safaripark near Maribo the wildlife lives in natural surroundings - right around your car of bus. Experience giraffes, rhinos, ostriches, antelopes, zebras and Siberian tigers at close range. Middelaldercentret is an mediaeval open-air museum near Sundby, where an authentic environment from the 14th century with houses, workshops, ships, vessels and a catapult has been built up (34 km).



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