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The scenic island Bogø is situated west of Møn, and is connected with both Møn and Farø through a dam.


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The cosy island Bogø has a direct connection with the main land through dams and bridges, and therefore the island is centrally situated in relation to sights, nature areas, towns and beaches on Møn, Falster, Sealand and Lolland. From the ferry berth Nyby on the south coast of the island you can sail to Stubbekøbing on Falster. The town of Bogø, Bogø By, consists of Gammelby and Nyby, and both parts of town offer good shopping possibilities and more restaurants. Furthermore, Bogø is famous for its restored windmill, its sectored light, the 2 cosy marinas, the good fishing possibilities and the quiet nature.



You can swim from the bathing jetty 'Skåninge Bro' on the northern coast of the island. In these peaceful surroundings you will also find a cosy harbour environment with small boats.


The landscape of Bogø is characterized by cultivated fields, stretch of coast and a bit of forest. 'Bogø Vesterskov' is a young forest, which replaces the old forest of the same name, which has been cut down. By the dam towards Møn you can observe the rich bird life of the shallow areas.


Angler will find good opportunities here, as it is possible to fish both along the coast and along the dams. If you wish to go fishing on the sea on your own, you can rent boats in Stubbekøbing. Falster and Møn have more good golf courses of high standard. The courses of 'Falster Golf Klub' in Eskildstrup and 'Møn Golfklub' by Stege are the courses, which are situated closest to Bogø.

Worth a visit

The church of Bogø, which was build around the year 1200, is decorated with more ship's models, and on the cemetery you will find more sailor's graves. From the restored windmill 'Bogø Mølle' you can enjoy the scenic view of the strait Grønsund and all the way to Falster, as the mill is situated on a hill.

Excursion spots

Visit the old marked town Stubbekøbing, which has preserved its original character. Experience the vivid environment in the marina, from where the boat to Bogø departs. The town also offers old squares, museums, shops and more restaurants. At the motorcycle and radio museum 'Stubbekøbing Motorcykel- og Radiomuseum' you can experience a unique collection of old motorcycles as well as rare radios, loudspeakers, televisions. The impressive forest 'Corselitze-skovene' covers an area of app. 6,000 hectares of land on the north-eastern part of Falster, 6 km south-east of Stubbekøbing. The beautiful beech forest offers scenic landscapes and more relics. 'Middelaldercentret' is an open-air museum by Sundby, where an authentic village from the 12th. century with houses, workshops, ships, vessels and a catapult has been created (34 km). The cliff 'Møns Klint' is a spectacular corner of Denmark. The impressive white chalk cliffs rise from the sea and are an amazing sight (41 km).



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