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The small and scenic island Askø is situated in the waters 'Smålandsfarvandet', just north of Lolland.


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The charming island Askø is about 3 km long and 2 km wide. Just north of the island, the even smaller island, Lilleø, is connected to Askø through a dam. From Bandholm on Lolland a 30 minutes sail will bring you to Askø, and the ferry departs more times daily. You will sense the cosy atmosphere in the small ferry harbour and marina. The island is very level and famous for its rich bird life among other things. The lovely holiday house area, which is situated on the south-eastern side of Askø, is quiet, cosy and suitable for families. The island is an ideal holiday destination for anglers, bird enthusiasts and nature lovers. On Askø you will find a grocery shop, which is open year round.



You will find good bathing possibilities by the lovely beach of the holiday house area, on the south-eastern side of the island. You can make use of the bathing jetty on the spot as well. Equally, a small and good bathing beach is available by the harbour.


Askø is a level island, and the highest point of the island is situated only 4 metres above sea level. The landscape is characterized by cultivated land, orchards and a bit of forest. On the beaches and in the dyked areas of the island you will find a rich bird life. Swans, ducks, sea gulls and wading birds use the wetlands as their breeding and resting place. Here the sea air is fresh and the nature clean, unspoiled and undisturbed.


Anglers will find very good opportunities on the island. It is possible to fish from the harbour and all along the shore. You can rent bicycles by the harbour and experience Askø along some of the many bicycle routes of the island. Furthermore, walking paths lead you around in the scenic nature. During the summer, guided walks are arranged on the spot.

Worth a visit

Askø Museum is a small and interesting collection of local history, which has been established in an extension to the vicarage. Here you can experience a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, a school corner, interior as well as flint implement, which have been found and previously used on the island. The beautiful and historical church of Askø was built in the 11th. century on the remains of a heathen place of sacrifice. The cemetery, belonging to the church, is round and surrounded by stone dikes. Denmark¿s oldest functioning steam engine, which was built in 1879, is running at the museum railway Maribo-Bandholm.

Excursion spots

If you like to stay on islands, you can visit the nearby islands Fejø and Femø. The ferry line Lolland Færgefart sails between Askø, Fejø and Femø. Visit the pretty old marked town Maribo. Here you can experience the cosy atmosphere, music, marked days, interesting shops, sights and restaurants (11 km from Bandholm). The open-air museum Frilandsmuseet in Maribo is situated right by the lake Maribo Sø and consists of a few houses, a farm, a post mill and a school. The museum gives you an impression of the peasant culture and the architectural style of the area around the year 1800. In Knuthenborg Safaripark near Maribo the wild animals move around in their natural surroundings - right around your car or bus. Observe giraffes, rhinos, ostriches, antelopes, zebras and Siberian tigers at close range. Middelaldercentret is an open-air museum by Sundby, where an authentic village from the 12th. century with houses, workshops, ships, vessels and a catapult has been created (38 km).



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