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Virksund is situated in a quiet and scenic area, directly by the Liim Fiord.


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From Virksund you can enjoy the view of the broad 'Louns Bredning' and the preserved nature area 'Ulbjerg Klint'. By Virksund you will find a small fishing hamlet, a lovely sandy beach as well as a marina with a cosy atmosphere. It is possible to buy groceries and dine in Virksund. The nearest larger town is Skive, which is situated 18 km from here.

The Limfjord town Virksund offers beach, forest and a marina In the cosy marina in Virksund you will find fishing boats and yachts side by side Cosy eateries and ice cream stalls on the harbour in Virksund View of the Limfjord from the bridge in Virksund


The 20 m wide and 2 km long bathing beach in the bay by Virksund is a lovely sandy beach with small rocks. The beach is very suitable for children, as the water is shallow by the edge. The bottom is sandy with a few rocks, and the water is clean and almost always clear. The conditions for windsurfing are good here - no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced surfer.


The nature in the central part of the Liim Fiord area by Virksund is varied and unspoiled with a rich animal life. The area is abounding in water and has more streams as well as a large lake 'Flynder Sø'. It is often possible to observe seals in the inlet between the beach and the dam by Virksund. The preserved nature area 'Ulbjerg Klint' by Virksund has a steep cliff, which leads directly down into the inlet. 'Knuden' is a small island, which you are able to walk out to, and here you can enjoy the unspoiled nature and experience both wading birds and perhaps seals. Good nature experiences await you in the forest 'Kvindskarp Skov' by the manor house 'Ørslev Kloster'.


A minigolf course is available in Virksund. The nearest golf course is situated 5 km from Virksund. Coastal fishing is a very popular activity around here. Furthermore, it is possible to fish in the streams 'Simested Å', 'Karup Å', 'Skals Å', 'Trend Å' and 'Lærkenfeldt Å' as well as in the lake 'Flynder Sø'. The area offers good conditions for windsurfers at all levels. The water by 'Ulbjerg Klint' is shallow and therefore suitable for beginners, whereas the waves are higher by Lundø, which attracts the more skilled surfers.

Worth a visit

Experience the processing of amber in the amber grindery 'Virksund Ravsliberi'. The area is rich in old manor houses. 'Staarup Hovedgaard' is the oldest estate of the area and here you will find exhibitions with i.a. antiquities and art. The convent 'Ørslev Kloster' has its own church, park, forests and fields. Here you will also find a nature path as well as a small exhibition, which informs of the story of the convict. By 'Taarupgaard' 2 walking paths are available, and from here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the scenic inlet 'Hjarbæk Fjord'.

Excursion spots

Visit Skive, which offers museums, galleries, parks, a pedestrian street, a horse track as well as a charming marina, surrounded by forest and beach (18 km). Monsted Kalkgruber invites you to an underground experience in the 2 km mine tunnels (21 km). On the island Fur you can enjoy the pleasant island atmosphere, visit a brewery and experience the significant and hilly nature (32 km). The fortress Spottrup Borg from the Middle Ages houses a fortress museum and throughout the summer, markets, concerts etc. are arranged here (35 km). The open-air museum Hjerl Hede is a living museum for the whole family. Here you can see when the craftsmen work, when the farmer takes care of his animals, when the baker bakes bread, when the grocer sells old-fashioned candy in paper cone and much more (41 km). In the amusement park Jesperhus you can enjoy the sight of the beautiful flower gardens, see tropical animals, watch entertainment and enjoy yourselves in the waterworld (46 km).



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      Virksund Holiday home, Virksund


      Beds: 4   •   Bedrooms: 2
      Pets allowed: 1   •   150 m to water
      Reg. no.: 34-2004

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      Virksund Holiday home, Virksund

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      Beds: 8   •   Bedrooms: 2
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      Virksund Holiday home, Virksund

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      Beds: 8   •   Bedrooms: 4
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      Virksund Holiday home, Virksund

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      Virksund Holiday home, Virksund

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      Beds: 11   •   Bedrooms: 5
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      Virksund Holiday home, Virksund


      Beds: 10   •   Bedrooms: 4
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      Virksund Holiday home, Virksund


      Beds: 5   •   Bedrooms: 2
      Pets allowed: 1   •   300 m to water
      Reg. no.: 34-2001

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