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Vinderup is situated in the head of the Liim Fiord, close to good beach and interesting, cultural sights.


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Vinderup is a lovely and cosy holiday house area, which is situated in the southern end of the Liim Fiord. The area, surrounding Vinderup, is a beautiful nature with forest, lakes, moors, meadows and the Liim Fiord with salt meadows, good beach, many leisure activities for the whole family as well as cultural sights. Furthermore, you will find more galleries with different exhibitions in the area, so you can experience interesting art during your holiday in a holiday home. It is possible to buy groceries in the town Vinderup, which is situated further inland from the holiday house area. Holiday home rental Vinderup offers many opportunities for an interesting and varying holiday.

Holiday homes in the hills behind the bathing beach in the holiday area Vinderup Long bathing jetty by the beach in the holiday home area Vinderup Tables and benches by the beach, below the holiday homes in Vinderup Cosy harbour with fishing boats, motor boats and sailboats in the holiday area in Vinderup


The beaches by the bay 'Venø Bugten' are suitable for children with shallow water and small waves. The best bathing beach of the area is 'Ejsingholm Strand', which also offers good surfing conditions. Here you will also find a surf centre.


When you rent a holiday home in Vinderup you will find plenty of scenic nature that you can enjoy during your holiday. Beech forest, moor, deep lakes and Denmark''s shortest stream Hindså characterize the scenic area, surrounding Vinderup. The forest Rydhave Skov is Denmark''s most western beech forest. The lake Stubbergård Sø is situated in the scenic nature, surrounded by moor, meadow, oak brush and plantations. The lake is 6 km long, and it is possible to walk all 16 kilometres around it. In the southern end you can enjoy the most beautiful view of the Stubbergård Sø. The lake Flyndersø is Denmark''s largest moor lake. The lake is 8 km long and surrounded by heathery areas, brushwood of oak and pine plantation. Geddal Strandenge is an area with salt meadows and dunes. From the highest dune you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Liim Fiord, the island Venø and the cove Sdr. Lem Vig. Here you will also find a bird gazebo, from which the rich bird life can be observed.


A number of marked and mapped bicycle and walking routes in the neighbourhood. Try f.x. the good walking routes around the lakes Flyndersø and Stubbegård Sø. If you wish to fish during your holiday in a holiday home you will find good opportunities for anglers in the stream Karup Å, in the Limfjord and in the Put & Take fishponds of the area. Deep-sea fishing onboard a fishing vessel is arranged from more harbour towns along the North Sea. By Ejsingholm, just north of Vinderup, the shallow water, the calm waves and the certain wind provide you with good surf conditions. Here you will also find a surf centre with a surf school. Golf enthusiasts can try out the 18-hole course in Råsted outside Holstebro.

Worth a visit

By the lake Flynderso you will find the mill Flynderso Molle, which shows an exhibition about life, nature and wolves. In this magnificent landscape by the lake Stubbergaard So you can see Stubbergaard Klosterruin, which is the remains of a convent from the 13th century. Today the convent consists of an arched basement hall, which is covered by a building with thatched roof. The beautiful castle Rydhave Slot is said to have its own castle ghost; the wholy Birgitte. The fortress Spottrup Borg from the year 1500 is surrounded by nine metres high embankments. You can still see cannon holes in the walls of the fortress, which bear witness of the tough past. At the open-air museum Hjerl Hede you can experience, when the idyllic village comes to life. See when the baker bakes bread, when the blacksmith and the ropemaker works in the workshops and when the grocer sells paper cones with candy. A cosy and educational day awaits you at Hjerl Hede (7 km).

Excursion spots

The commercial town Holstebro is located 19 km from Vinderup and offers shops, restaurants, art and culture. Go on a day trip to Jesperhus, where you can visit and enjoy the colourful gardens, see the entertainment on the stage, experience tropical birds and animals in the jungle zoo and let the children gambol in the play centres, the pirate land and the waterworld (41 km).



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