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The island Venø is 7.5 km long and 1.5 km wide and located in Venø Bay, a part of the Liim Fiord, opposite the town Struer. The cosy, versatile and very scenic island offers bathing beaches, moor landscapes, forest areas, an unusually rich bird- and animal life, the bird sanctuary Nørskov Vig, a small fishing and boat harbour, an inn, a grocery store and Denmark's smallest church among other things. A small ferry sails 2-3 times every hour from Kleppen, which is located app. 5 km north of Struer, and the sail lasts about 3 minutes. At the inn Venø Kro on the western side of the island, you can test the speciality Venø Bøf (Venø Steak). 5 km from Venø, Struer offers shops, restaurants, sights and the largest marina by the Liim Fiord.



On both sides of the island you will find child-friendly bathing beaches with sheltered areas. On the eastern side you can visit the beach by the school camp Firbjergsande as well as the beach next to the camping ground, which offers a long bathing jetty. On the western side it is possible to swim on both sides of the harbour.


The lovely and comprehensive nature of Venø is characterized by beaches, hill tops, ravines, steep slopes, pine forests, heathery moor areas as well as a rich animal and bird life with hares, pheasants, partridges, passerine birds as well as wading bird s. Equally Venø is famous for its many butterflies. A number of distinctive hillocks characterize the island as well, and everywhere you can enjoy nature along the marked paths. The bird sanctuary Nørskov Vig can be visited every year after July 15, and here you can experience a rich birdlife, composed of passerine birds, wading birds, sea gulls and pheasants. At the continuation school of the island you can visit an interesting nature centre with an exhibition.


Venø invites swimming as well as other beach and watersport activities, like f.x. sailing and surfing on the inlet. Everywhere on the island you will find good hiking opportunities. The varying nature, which is primarily found on the western side, encourages walks along the marked paths. The small roads are ideal for bicyclists. Anglers will find good conditions all along the shores of Venø. Furthermore, it is possible to fish from a boat on the inlet. The golf club Struer Golfklub is located near Humlum, 6 km from the ferry berth. The club offers both a beautiful, slightly hilly 18-hole seaside course as well as a 9-hole Pay & Play course. In Lemvig and Holstebro, both 22 km from Venø, you will find two other lovely golf courses.

Worth a visit

Venø Billedværksted is a combined gallery and workshop, where you can admire the paintings of the artist Lis Jensen, who is inspired by the nature of Venø. The cosy whitewashed church Venø Kirke measures 9.5 x 4.2 metres and is both the oldest building on Venø and the smallest church in Denmark. Visit Struer, which in addition to the largest marina of the Liim Fiord also offers a pleasant town life as well as more galleries and sights. The culture-historical Struer Museum has been established in the town's oldest estate Torngård, and here you can experience an old farmhouse room, a bottle ship exhibition, an ancient collection as well as a B&O collection (5 km). In the art and culture centre Gimsinghoved by Struer you can see interesting and varying exhibitions.

Excursion spots

The open-air museum Hjerl Hede Frilandsmuseum is an interesting and lifelike museum for the whole family. See how the daily life in the country 150 years ago is vitalized (29 km) Near Vemb you will find the well-preserved, 700-years-old manor houses Nørre Wosborg, which is surrounded by a moat. The manor house functions as a museum (31 km). Vejlby Sommerpark is an amusement park with horses, fishpond, mini cross, horse-drawn carriages, mini zoo, motocross and minigolf (38 km). In Thyborøn you will find the aquarium Jyllands Akvariet, where you can stroke a shark on it's head or hold a crap in your hand, Kystcentret, an interesting experience and communication centre, and Sneglehuset - a house, decorated with millions of sea shells both inside and outside (47 km). The flower park Jesperhus Blomsterpark is the largest flower park in Scandinavia with colourful flower arrangements, jungle zoo with beautiful tropical birds, pirate and play land as well as a water world (62 km).



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