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Tjele Langsø is scenically situated in the beautiful nature of Central Jutland between the towns Hobro and Viborg.


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The 8 km long lake Tjele Langsø is in private property, abounding in fish and surrounded by fields, meadows, cattle run, brush and forest with small lakes. The area is ideal for anglers and nature lovers, but also very rich in cultural sights. It is possible to buy groceries in the area around Tjele Langsø, and 17 km from here, the cathedral town Viborg offers various sights, good shopping possibilities and more restaurants.



Tjele Langsø has a sandy bottom and it is possible to swim here. 32 km from the lake, you can swim by the 10 metres wide beach of Hjarbæk. The beach consists mainly of sand, and the bottom is sandy with rocks. The water is fresh here, as the beach is situated far from the open sea. The beach of Hjarbæk also offers good surf conditions. If you prefer to swim in the sea, the lovely sandy beach of Øster Hurup is situated about 70 km towards east. Because of its shallow water, this beach is very suitable for children. It also has the Blue Flag. The wide and white sandy beaches of the North Sea lie about 100 km from Tjele Langsø.


Tjele Langsø is supplied with water from the streams 'Tjele Å' and 'Engdal Bæk', and the water runs out into the streams 'Vorning Å' and 'Skals Å' and further onto the inlet 'Hjarbæk Fjord'. Fields, marshes, areas with pasturing cows, brushes and forests surround the lake. The lush and hilly landscape invites long walks. The forest 'Lindum Skov', which is situated north of the lake, is a lovely and very old forest area with hardwood trees, beeches, oaks and pines. Lovely nature experiences await you along the many walking paths of the scenic forest 'Hald Ege', just south of Viborg (26 km). By the inlet 'Hjarbæk Fjord' you will find a game reserve as well as a bird sanctuary (32 km).


The landscape of Central Jutland offers an abundance of angling possibilities. Tjele Langsø is well stocked with fish and because of its size, it offers many really good fishing spots. But you can also throw in the line in one of the streams of the area, like f.x. 'Simested Å' or 'Karup Å'. Golf players will find good opportunities in the area around Tjele. You will find the nearest courses by 'Viborg Golfklub' (17 km), 'Hjarbæk Fjord Golf Klub' (32 km), 'Randers Golf Klub' (43 km) and 'Rold Skov Golfbane', close to Skørping (63 km). Viborg offers leisure activities like water world, bowling alley, tennis courts and much more. The area invites walks and bicycle trips in the alternating nature.

Worth a visit

The beautiful estate 'Tjele Gods' is Denmark's oldest manor house. It is situated just north of the sea and can be observed from the outside. The passage grave by Bigum is a beautiful, well-preserved and highly situated passage grave, which can be experienced right north of Tjele Langsø. By the southern shore of the lake you will find the watermill 'Nr. Vinge Vandmølle'. The millpond and the valley by the mill are preserved because of the areas distinguished vegetation Visit 'Verdenskortet' (the world map) in the scenic area by the lake 'Klejtrup Sø'. Here you can see the whole world in a miniature scale with i.a. lakes, rivers and mountain ranges. 1 degree of latitude (111 km) is consistent with 27 cm on the map (10 km). Visit Viborg with i.a. Scandinavia's largest granite church, the cathedral 'Viborg Domkirke', a rich art and culture life, many interesting museums, a cosy pedestrian street and many restaurants (17 km).

Excursion spots

Go back 4,000 years in time in the Iron Age village Hvolris Jernalderlandsby. Here you can experience the customs and lifestyle of the antiquity in an interesting and active museum (24 km). In Monsted Kalkgruber near Stoholm you can walk around in a maze of illuminated mine tunnels with large caves and narrow passages (36 km). At Vikingecenter Fyrkat by the Mariager Fjord you can learn more about life at one of the largest Viking fortresses in Denmark (37 km). Experience the tropical universe of Randers Regnskov. In three large domes you can see the rainforest on three different continents; Africa, Asia and South America. And outside you can visit DanmarksParken with domestic animals and nature playgrounds (40 km). Go back in time at the open-air museum Hjerl Hede, where you can experience an intact and idyllic village with houses, workshops, a watermill, farms, shops and much more. The museum arranges different activities and live demonstrations throughout the year (63 km).



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