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Sundsøre is situated on the easternmost point of Salling, right opposite the town Hvalpsund and the Liim Fiord.


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The holiday houses in Sundsøre are situated in scenic and recreational surroundings, close to a good bathing beach. With a car ferry you can on the short sail to over the Liim Fiord from Sundsøre to Hvalpsund on the Louns peninsular. Sundsøre is an ideal holiday destination for families with children, angers, golf players, nature lovers and others, who merely wish to relax in unspoiled and undisturbed nature surroundings.



The lovely bathing beach by Sundsøre is about 10 metres wide and 2 kilometres long and very suitable for children. It consists of both sand and small rocks. The water is shallow, clear and clean, and the bottom is equally sandy with rocks. By the spit 'Sundsøre Odde' you can make use of a bathing jetty during the summer. A beach volley course is also available here.


Sundsøre is surrounded by lovely and unspoiled nature landscapes with forest, streams, fields and inlet. Large hills and ravines characterize the peninsular Louns, which is situated on the other side of the sound. You will find a rich animal life and vegetation in this unique nature. The pretty, recreated lake 'Louns Sø' has a rich bird life. The lake 'Brokholm Sø' on the northern part of Salling is a reconstitute lake in very scenic settings. From an observation house by the lake you can study the rich bird life through. Close to the lake you will find the forest 'Harrebjergskoven', which has just recently been planted.


Golf players will find good opportunities in the area. You can try out the courses by Thise (6 km towards south-east), by Junget (9 km towards north), by 'Harre Vig Golfklub' close to Vile (20 km towards west) or by 'Skive Golfklub' (23 km towards south). In Gatten you will find the largest golf grounds in Northern Europe, Himmerland Golf & Country Club, with challenges for both beginners and experienced golf players (33 km). The area is cut out for active holiday. The inlet is ideal for swimming, sailing, surfing and fishing. The varying landscape offers lovely nature experiences along the many good walking and bicycles routes of the area. Besides the Liim Fiord, the many lakes, streams and Put & Take fishponds of the area offer really good fishing possibilities. Try f.x. 'Vile Put & Take Sø' - a 3,000 square metres lake in scenic surroundings.

Worth a visit

The restored warehouse 'Sundsøre Pakhus' is situated close to the ferry berth and function as a museum of local history. Here you can see varying and interesting exhibitions about the life by the Liim Fiord. Visit Hvalpsund on the Louns peninsular, just across the inlet. Besides the ferry berth, the town offers a lovely marina, more shops and a historical inn with a view of the Liim Fiord. The manor house 'Hessel' on the preserved peninsular Louns by Hvalpsund is the only preserved manor house in Denmark with a thatched roof. Here you can experience how family and servants lived in the old days (4 km from the ferry). The scenically situated stone age centre 'Stenaldercentret' in Ertebølle describes the nature in and around Ertebølle 6-7,000 years ago as well as the life of the people in this environment. Among other things finds from a stone age kitchen midden are displayed here. A reconstructed village shows what the huts of that time looked like (18 km from the ferry).

Excursion spots

When you spend your holiday in a holiday home in Sundsore, you can go on an excursion to Fur. From Branden, 19 km from Sundsore, you can sail to the beautiful island, which offers small museums, a brewery and special landscapes in the shape of meadows, forests, lakes, steep slopes and clay pits. Visit the scenically situated Skive with museums, galleries, a cosy pedestrian street and a marina, surrounded by beach and forest (23 km). Experience the fortress Stottrup Borg, which is Denmark''s best preserved mediaeval fortress (24 km). Or take a trip to the amusement park Jesperhus, where the whole family can have a good time. Enjoy the flower gardens in bloom, the tropical birds and animals, the play centres and the entertainment here (28 km). Go back in time in the open-air museum Hjerl Hede, where you can walk around in an intact village from the old days with beautiful houses with thatched roofs and follow the activities in the houses, shops, workshops and on the farms (43 km).



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