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Louns is situated on the preserved and very scenic Louns peninsular between the broads 'Louns Bredning' and 'Risgårde Bredning'.


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Louns is a small idyllic village, surrounded by forest, hills, lakes, bird areas and lovely bathing beaches. Louns is an ideal holiday destination if you wish to relax or be active in nature. It is possible to observe birds, surf, play golf, fish, walk or drive on bicycle in the varying nature. It is possible to buy groceries in Hvalpsund, which is situated 3 km from Louns, and furthermore offers a cosy marina, a ferry berth, from where the ferry sails to Sundsøre on Salling, as well as a historical inn with a view of the Liim Fiord. The nearest larger town is the commercial town Farsø, which lies 13 km towards east.

Green and luxuriant vegetation behind the sandy beach in the holiday home area Louns Fine sandy beach by the holiday home area Louns View towards the beach and the holiday home area from the bathing jetty in Louns View along the shore of the holiday home area Louns


All the way along the shores of the Louns peninsular you will find lovely, long and sandy beaches with calm and clear water. The beaches are all very suitable for children.


The Louns peninsular is preserved and characterized by large hills and ravines. You will find a rich animal life and vegetation in this unique nature. Because of the undulating terrain the peninsular offers a number of viewpoints, from which you can see the inlet and the scenic landscape from above. In order to preserve the nature, you ought to stick to the paths and beaches of the peninsular. The pretty, recreated lake 'Louns Sø' is a popular habitat for both migrating birds and sedentary birds, and therefore an ideal place for bird observation. The plantation 'Uhrehøj Plantage' contains more preserved grave mounds. From these you can enjoy a magnificent view of the landscape and parts of the Liim Fiord. 'Hyllebjerg Bakker' is a scenic and undulating moor and forest area by Hyllebjerg (23 km). The lake 'Navn Sø' is preserved and lies surrounded by marshes and moors by Gatten (31 km).


The area, surrounding Louns is cut out for active holiday. The inlet is ideal for swimming, sailing, surfing and fishing. The varying landscape offers lovely nature experiences along the many good walking and bicycles routes of the area. Many of the farms in the area are open for visitors, and here you can experience the animal life of a farm. It is also possible to rent horses in the area. In Gatten you will find the largest golf grounds in Northern Europe, Himmerland Golf & Country Club, with challenges for both beginners and experienced golf players. The Liim Fiord as well as the many lakes, streams and Put & Take fishponds of the area offer particularly good opportunities for the angler.

Worth a visit

The manor house 'Hessel' on the preserved peninsular Louns by Hvalpsund is the only preserved manor house in Denmark with a thatched roof. Here you can experience how family and servants lived in the old days (2 km). The stone layout 'Myrhøj' arose in the bronze age and consists of a stone line of 154 metres (15 km). The scenically situated stone age centre 'Stenaldercentret' in Ertebølle describes the nature in and around Ertebølle 6-7,000 years ago as well as the life of the people in this environment. Among other things finds from a stone age kitchen midden are displayed here. A reconstructed village shows what the huts of that time looked like (16 km). The area, surrounding the Louns peninsular, has always been inspirational to artists and craftsmen, and you can visit them when they work in their workshops and studios.

Excursion spots

Go on an excursion to the island Fur, where you can experience unique landscapes with measows, lakes, fields, hills, steep slopes, forests and clay pits (23 km). Visit the scenically situated Skive, which offers museums, galleries, a cosy pedestrian street and a charming marina (27 km). A day trip from your holiday home to Jesperhus is also an obvious opportunity. Jesperhus is an impressive flower garden with a jungle zoo, entertainment and more playgrounds for children (31 km). You can also go back in time an experience the activities in the authentic village at the open-air museum Hjerl Hede (47 km).



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