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Lendrup is situated right by the gentle Liim Fiord, in a peaceful nature with water, fields and forest.


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The holiday homes in Lendrup are located in nice and quiet surroundings. Here you can enjoy the peaceful nature, the calm water of the Limfjord and the cosy atmosphere. Lendrup is situated just 3 km from Logstor (via the road Kanalvejen), which is a fantastic town with a great harbor environment and lovely restaurants. Here you can take part in an annual clam festival ''Muslingefestival'', a jazz event ''Kanaljazz'' and many other arrangements. You can buy groceries in the area as well as in the nearby towns Logstor and Ranum. In Ronbjerg you can experience a cosy and charming marina, where you can both eat and buy fresh fish. From the marina and most of the area you can enjoy a view of the Limfjord to the islands Livo and Fur. The holiday home area Lendrup offers many leisure activities and cultural sights for the whole family, but the area also appeals to you, who wish to spend a holiday in scenic and tranquil surroundings.

The holiday homes in Lendrup are situated right behind the shore of the Limfjord The holiday home area in Lendrup by the Limfjord You can sail and swim by the Limfjord beach in Lendrup View towards south from the holiday home area in Lendrup


The nearby beaches by Lendrup are recommendable as bathing beaches. These Liim Fiord beaches are good and long bathing beaches with small waves, which make them suitable for children. The beaches are traffic-free. It is possible to swim by the beach of Ronbjerg, but the beach is most suitable for beach activities like e.g. surfing.


Fields, forest and the Liim Fiord characterize the level area, surrounding Lendrup. The nature is peaceful and unspoiled here. In the scenic forest Trend Skov, which is situated behind the village Trend, contains a royal hunting lodge and many good walking paths (11 km towards south). The stream Trend Aa, which is winding from Vester Hornum and out towards the Limfiord, is very popular among anglers.


By the holiday centre Danparcs Rønbjerg you can make use of a subtropical water world, a health centre and a variety of other activities for both children and adults (for payment). Anglers will find good opportunities in the Limfjord (by the harbour of Ronbjerg and south of here), in the streams Trend Aa and Bjornsholm Aa as well as in the Put & Take fishponds of the area. The bay is ideal for swimming, sailing, windsurfing and deep-sea fishing. A surf school is available in the area, which once hosted the European surfing championship. The varying landscape offers lovely nature experiences along the many good walking and bicycle routes of the area. Furthermore, a bowling alley, an indoor go-cart track, a glider club and 2 marinas are available in the area. By Gatten near Farso you will find one of Northern Europe''s largest and most scenic golf courses, Himmerland Golf & Country Club, with challenges for both beginners and experienced golf players (25 km).

Worth a visit

Just 3 km from Lendrup you will find the town Logstor with a charming harbour, a cosy town life with restaurants and shops. Every summer you can take part in a famous mussel festival with music and activities here. By the channel in Logstor you can visit the Limfjordsmuseet, which informs about the culture-history of the Limfjord. Explore the life of the Limfjord, touch starfish, fish and crabs, take part in amusing activities and see the old Limfjord boats in the channel. To the north of Logstor you will find Denmark''s largest Viking stronghold, Aggersborg, which was built by the king Harald Blaatand. Near the bay Bjornsholm Bugt you can see the impressive three-winged mediaeval castle Vitskol Kloster from 1157. Experience the church ruin, the herb garden and the many beautiful buildings. The scenically situated Stone Age centre Stenaldercentret in Ertebolle portrays nature around Ertebolle 6-7000 years ago. You can e.g. see Stone Age finds from a kitchen compost heap (22 km).

Excursion spots

From Ronbjerg you can go with the ferry to the small island Livo. The island is traffic-free and offers a scenic nature with good bathing beaches, large oak forests, more marked walking paths, cliffs, a rich animal life with e.g. seals as well as a quite distinctive peace. The manor house Hessel on the Louns peninsular is the only preserved manor house in Denmark with a thatched roof. Here you can experience how family and servants lived in the old days (30 km). The flower park Jesperhus Blomsterpark on the Limfjord island Mors is the largest flower park in Scandinavia with colourful flower arrangements, jungle zoo with e.g. beautiful tropical birds, pirate and play land as well as water world with various activities (60 km). The lime pit Monsted Kalkgruber by Stoholm is an endless labyrinth of 2 km illuminated mine passages with both large caves and narrow corridors. Once every hour a show is put on and lights are reflected in the largest lake of the pit (74 km).



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      Lendrup Holiday home, Lendrup

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