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The cosy summer cottage area near Klitgaard Fiskerleje is located in serene and charming surroundings by the Liim Fiord.


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Klitgaard is a peaceful and pleasant summer cottage area, located by the southern shore of the Liim Fiord - between the towns Nibe and Nørholm. The area has existed for many years, and the high sheltering trees originates from the time when the area was established. Here you can enjoy the fresh sea breeze, the silence, the wind in the trees and the singing of the birds. The summer cottage area is surrounded by the Liim Fiord, small and winding roads, corn fields and meadows with grazing cattle and the the Liim Fiord in the background. If you go down to the inlet in the evening, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset. 6 km from Klitgaard you will find Nibe, which offers shops, cafés and a harbour with atmosphere. 17 km away you will find Aalborg City Syd with shops and malls, and the centre of Aalborg with pedestrian streets, shops, restaurants, tourist attractions and cultural sights is located 20 km from Klitgaard.



Rocks and course sand characterize the shore by Klitgaard. The water is clean, but it is more suitable for angling and sailing than for swimming. If you wish to swim from one of the sandy beaches of the North Sea, you can go to the lovely beaches of Torup, Kollerup, Slettestrand and Tranum (app. 50 km) or the popular holiday town Blokhus, where you can enjoy the wide beach, the dunes and the roaring sea (67 km).


Klitgaard is surrounded by the blue Liim Fiord, level meadows and corn fields, hills and forest areas, and almost everywhere you can enjoy the view of the inlet and see all the way to the dam of Gjøl on the other side of the inlet. App. 18 km from Klitgaard you can experience De Himmerlandske Heder (the moors of Himmerland) near St. Ajstrup. The beautiful moor area offer e.g. the valley Kyø Dalen - a nature area with steep hills, covered with heather and juniper, marshes, bogs and the stream Vidkær Å.


The calm water of the Liim Fiord invites angling and sailing. Along the cosy roads and paths, surrounding Klitgaard, you can experience the idyllic nature - on food or on bicycle. Just 7 km from Klitgaard you will find the beautiful and hilly golf course of Aalborg Golfklub. The course offers 27 holes, lakes and forest, and guests are always welcome to visit.

Worth a visit

At the farm Vildtfarm Nord, on the way towards Nibe, you can experience animals like e.g. racoons, free-range pigs, fallow, Scottish Highland cattle, donkeys, geese and peacocks. The animals stay outside, which enabls you to follow their natural behaviour (3 km). Visit Nibe with an evocative harbour, cafés, shops and the brewery Nibe Bryghus, where you can enjoy a freshly brewed beer (6 km). In the limestone quarry Vokslev Kalkgrav you can find traces of animal life millions of years ago or perhaps be lucky enough to find a fossilized sea urchin (9 km). The beautiful manor house St. Restrup Herregaard contains a shop with handy craft and design and a wine cellar that can be visited every Saturday (10 km).

Excursion spots

In Aalborg, the capital of northern Jutland, you will find the new and interesting Utzon house, a beautiful harbour front, interesting museums and galleries, cultural and entertaining sights, pedestrian streets, a charming old town centre, the amusement street Jomfru Ane Gade and several restaurants. The zoo, Aalborg Zoologiske Have, is a green, child-friendly and recreational oasis in scenic surroundings, where you can experience 800 interesting and threatened species from all over the world (20 km).



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