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The town Hvidbjerg is situated on the peninsular Thyholm in the western part of the Liim Fiord country, right by the broad 'Nissum Bredning'.


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The holiday house area by Hvidbjerg is situated by the coast, west of the town. Here the air is fresh and the nature is clean. You can fish, hike, drive on bicycle or merely relax in the quiet surroundings here. In the churches and museums of Thyholm you can learn more about the former fishing and peasant society of the area. Thyholm is connected with the mainland in the north-westernmost corner as well as through a bridge over the sound 'Oddesund' towards south.Hvidbjerg offers more restaurants and good shopping possibilities.



The beach to the west of Hvidbjerg is a fine Liim Fiord beach with coarse sand, a few rocks and clean water. The water is shallow, which makes the beach very suitable for children. If you wish to experience the wide and white sandy beach of the North Sea, the beach of Agger Tange is situated only 34 km from Hvidbjerg. The beach is about 100 metres wide and consists of both sand and stones. The water is clear and the bottom is sandy with rocks. The beach has the Blue Flag. You will find good bathing and sunbathing opportunities as the many groynes shelter the beach. However, the water is deep with occasional waves and currents.


The plantation 'Hvidbjerg Plantage' is a 40 hectares large low-lying plantation area with hardwood trees and pines. By Odby, 6 km south of Hvidbjerg, you will find an impressive and distinctive coastal cliff, which stretches far towards north. The spit 'Munkholm Odde' on the northern side of Thyholm is a large preserved area with salt meadow and a very rich and versatile bird life.


The lovely and varying nature invites walks, bicycle trips and picnics in the open air. It is possible to rent a boat at more places on Thyholm. Anglers will find many good fishing spots here, f.x. by Oddesund, about 10 km south of Hvidbjerg. Golf players can try out the course of 'Struer Golfklub' (21 km).

Worth a visit

By 'Den hellige Kilde' (the holy spring) by the town Helligkilde, 3 km south of Hvidbjerg, you can experience a spring, which is gushing from the earth and sending out large quantities of cold clear water all year round. 'Thyholm Egnsmuseum - Apotekergården' in Søndbjerg is a small museum, which has been established in an old pharmacist's house. Here you can learn more about the culture and history of the district (8 km). In the cutter and bunker museum 'Kutter- og Bunkermuseet' by Oddesund large bunker installations as well as an exhibition bear witness of the occupation during World War 2 (10 km). The scenically situated manor house 'Hindsels' can be observed from the outside on the northern part of Thyholm.

Excursion spots

A dam leads from Thyholm to the island Jegindo, where the beach of Bohl as well as Jegind Tap, a long and narrow headland with good swimming possibilities and unique nature, is also worth a visit (5 km - to the dam). When you spend your holiday in a holiday home in Hvidbjerg, Thyholm, you can also visit the commercial town Holstebro, which offers shops, restaurants, art and culture in the charming town centre (36 km). You can also go on a day tour to the open-air museum Hjerl Hede and see the old houses, farms, workshops and gardens, which are often vivified (43 km). Or you can go to Nykobing Mors and visit Jesperhus. Here you can enjoy the colourful flower gardens, experience tropical animals or enjoy yourselves in the waterworld or the play centre and much more (46 km).



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