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Hostrup on Salling in the area Thy is a cosy holiday house area by a good bathing beach.


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The holiday house area Hostrup is situated on the southern coast of Salling in the Liim Fiord, right by the bay Veno Bugt and the broad Kaas Bredning, and near Vinderup. Hostrup is surrounded by a quiet and unspoiled nature. It is possible to buy groceries in Lihme and Lem, both situated 4 km from Hostrup, or in Skive, which lies 21 km towards east. A restaurant is available in the harbour Gyldendal Havn, 2 km towards north. Here you can relax, be active in nature and spend your holiday in peaceful and scenic surroundings, close to an inlet, bird sanctuaries, manor houses, a castle and other interesting and cultural sights.

Bathing jetty and benches by the bathing beach and the clear bathing water in Hostrup Holiday homes in green surroundings behind the beach in Hostrup Bathing jetty by the beach of the holiday home area Hostrup View bench by the beach in the holiday home area Hostrup


The beach of Hostrup consists of sand and stones. The water is shallow, clean and clear, which make the beach very suitable for children. 2 km up the coast you will find the beach of Gyldendal, which is 15 metres wide and 1 km long. The beach is a fine sandy beach with shallow and clean water as well as Blue Flag. More places along the coast bathing jetties have are available and enable you to jump into the water. The beach of Ejsingholm, 6 km towards south, is equally a fine beach with good surf conditions. You will also find a surf centre here.


From Hostrup the distance to the bird sanctuary 'Geddal Enge' is only 5 km. The preserved peninsular Kås is situated 8 km towards north, and here you can experience a nature forest, a grass moor with 18 grave mounds, brushwood of oak as well as the manor house 'Kås'. There is access to the peninsular from the south, and it is recommendable to walk around the peninsular along the shore. By Spøttrup you can see the 'Vendal Høj' - a 3,500 years old grave mound from the bronze age. The mound is scenically situated and from the top you can enjoy an amazing view (10 km). The nature landscape of Salling offers many adventures. Enjoy f.x. a walk by Denmark's largest and most beautiful moor lake 'Flyndersø', 18 km towards south-east. Around the 8 km long lake, heathery areas, brushwood of oak, pine plantation and an amazing bird life can be experienced year round. The same is in evidence in the area around the lake 'Spøttrup Sø', where you can experience the otter if you are lucky.


Salling is famous for its good fishing spots, and here it is possible to fish in the inlet, in the stream by the bay of Sdr. Lem as well as in the Put & Take fishponds of the area. By Ejsingholm, 6 km north of Hostrup, the shallow water, the calm waves and the certain wind provide surfers with good conditions. Here you will also find a surf centre with a surf school. Furthermore, the conditions by the inlet are ideal for sailing and other kinds of water sports. Golf players can try out the two gold courses of Salling, which offers the courses of ''Skive Golfklub'' (21 km) and ''Harre Vig Golfklub'' by Vile (35 km). A number of marked and mapped bicycle and walking routes are available in the neighbourhood.

Worth a visit

In Hostrup you can enjoy the sight of the old manor house Hostrup Hovedgaard, which is situated by the Limfjord and surrounded by fields and green spaces. From Lihme (4 km) you can go on a Limfjord sail with a vintage ferry and enjoy a sail with a beautiful view of the shore. Take the family to the open-air Hjerl Hede, where everyone can have a good time in the genuine settings. Enjoy the sight of the well-maintained rustic buildings in the village and follow life''s course, as it went on about 100-200 years ago (13 km). Spottrup Borg is one of the best-preserved mediaeval fortresses in Denmark. At the fortress museum of Spottrup you can see, how people have lived in the rough and beautiful mediaeval fortress throughout the years (14 km).

Excursion spots

Visit the scenically situated Skive, which is rich in museums and galleries. Here you will also find a charming marina, a cosy pedestrian street as well as good shopping possibilities and more restaurants (21 km). The lime pit ''Daugbjerg Kalkgruber'' by Stoholm is an endless labyrinth of 2 km illuminated mine corridors with both large caves and narrow galleries (36 km). The flower park ''Jesperhus Blomsterpark'' on the Liim Fiord island Mors is the largest flower park in Scandinavia with colourful flower arrangements, jungle zoo with i.a. beautiful tropical birds, pirate and play land as well as water world with various activities (39 km).



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