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Hjarbæk is a calm and cosy holiday house area with a lovely nature and many leisure activities.


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The old and evocative village Hjarbæk is situated in scenic surroundings by the inlet 'Hjarbæk Fjord' in south-western Himmerland, and has its own harbour and marina. At the harbour a cosy inn is situated. It is possible to buy groceries in town, and only 13 km from Hjarbæk, the cathedral town Viborg is situated. Here you will find various sights, good shopping possibilities and more restaurants.

Meadow area with cows and a number of birds on the inlet near Gjøl Children dig in the sand on the small sandy beach in Hjarbæk The cosy marina in Hjarbæk is the gathering point of the town More holiday homes in Hjarbæk are highly situated and have a good view of the inlet Hjarbæk Fjord


The 10 metres wide beach by Hjarbæk consists primarily of sand, and the bottom is sandy with stones. The water is fresh here, as the beach is situated far from the open sea. It is possible to surf here.


A varied nature with forest, fields, inlet, beautiful river valleys and large wetlands surrounds Hjarbæk. The area has a rich animal life. The inlet 'Hjarbæk Fjord' is both a game preserve and a bird sanctuary. In the scenic forest 'Hald Ege', right south of Viborg, lovely nature experiences await you along the many walking paths.


Only a few km from Hjarbæk, the beautiful golf course 'Hjarbæk Fjord Golf Center' is situated. Here golf players can let themselves go. With its varying nature, the area invites walking and bicycle trips. By the manor house 'Taarupgaard' you can follow 2 walking routes, from where you have a magnificent view of the beautiful 'Hjarbæk Fjord'. It is very popular to paraglide from the top of the hillside behind the bathing beach. Anglers have good possibilities for a haul all along the shores by Hjarbæk.

Worth a visit

'Lynderupgård' by 'Hjarbæk Fjord' is one of the oldest and largest half-timbered manor houses. The most untraditional about the timber frame is that it is green. The manor house is surrounded by a moat. The manor house 'Taarupgaard' between Knudby and Kvols is equally worth a visit. By the manor house and from the surrounding paths you will have a beautiful view of the inlet (5 km). The grave mounds 'Virksundhøjene' by the broad 'Lovns Bredning' are some of the most scenically situated grave mounds in the area. The grave mounds originate from the bronze age.

Excursion spots

Visit Viborg with i.a. the largest granite church in Scandinavia, Viborg Cathedral, a rich art and culture life, many interesting museums, a cosy pedestrian street and many restaurants (13 km). The limestone mine 'Mønsted Kalkgruber' by Stoholm is a 2 km long labyrinth of illuminated mine passages with both large holes and narrow passages (21 km). 'Hjerl Hede Frilandsmuseum' by Vinderup is an interesting and vivid open-air museum for the whole family. See i.a. how daily life in the country 150 years ago is vitalized (43 km). 'Verdenskortet' (the world map) by the lake 'Klejtrup Sø' in Hobro is the whole world on a reduced scale with lakes, rivers, mountain ranges and flags of most countries. 'Verdenskortet' is build by the shore of the lake as an unfolded atlas (45 km). 'Jesperhus Blomsterpark' on the Liim Fiord island Mors is the largest flower park with jungle zoo and play land in Scandinavia (49 km).



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