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Ertebolle is situated in the lovely nature of Himmerland, right by the Liim Fiord.


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Rent a holiday home in this tranquil area, which offers a scenic area, fresh air and plenty of space. Furthermore, a number of geological and archaeological finds have provided the area with a great historical significance. By Ertebolle you will find a lovely beach, from which you can enjoy the view of the island Livo. It is possible to buy groceries near the holiday house area. You will find more shops and restaurants in the nearby towns Logstor, Farso and Aars. In a holiday home her you can enjoy the scenic surroundings in one of our many holiday homes, where your dog is welcome.

The lovely Limfjord beach in Ertebølle - below the high slopes of the holiday home area Bathing jetty by the beach in the holiday area Ertebølle The high slopes behind the Limfjord beach in Ertebølle Experience the past in the stone age centre Stenaldercentret in Ertebølle


The beach of Ertebolle is a nice beach with clear water. The beach is characterized by high, overgrown dunes and cliffs as well as deep water. The deep and clear water makes the beach of Ertebolle a good diving spot. With a little patience, it is possible to find historical fossils here. A lovely beach with a sandy bottom and shallow water is available by Trend, about 3 km north of Ertebolle. This beach is very suitable for children.


In Ertebolle you can experience scenic nature and with a holiday home as your base, you can go on many interesting excursions in the area. From the hill Ertebølle Bjerg you can enjoy the scenic view of the Liim Fiord. The forest Trend Skov by the village Trend, contains a royal hunting lodge and many good walking paths. The stream Trend Å winds from Vester Hornum towards the Liim Fiord and is very popular among anglers. The plantations Urhehøj and Myrhøj are former culture forests, but today the plantations are untouched primeval forests and very popular excursion spots. Hyllebjerg Bakker is a lovely and hilly nature landscape with good walking paths. With its lakes and meadows, the area is a favourite spot for migratory bird and an Eldorado for ornithologists. From Ronbjerg (12 km) you can go with the ferry to the small island Livo. The island is traffic-free and offers a scenic nature.


Holiday home rental in Ertebolle provides an abundance of different activities. By Gatten near Farso you will find one of Northern Europe''''s largest and most scenic golf courses, Himmerland Golf & Country Club. Anglers will find good opportunities in the lake Sjørup Sø, in the stream Trend Å, in the Liim Fiord as well as in the Put & Take fishponds of the area. By the holiday centre Rønbjerg Feriecenter you can make use of a subtropical water world and a variety of other activities for both children and adults (for payment). Experience the lovely nature at close range along the many bicycle and walking paths of the area. On the Liim Fiord it is possible to windsurf and sail with both motor and canvas. Furthermore, a bowling alley, an indoor go-cart track, a glider club and 2 marinas are available in the area.

Worth a visit

The Ertebolle culture bear witness of the settlements around the Liim Fiord during the stone age, more than 6,000 years ago. The first kitchen midden was dug out in the year 1890 by Ertebolle. The stone age centre Stenaldercentret informs of the stone age society through interesting exhibitions and workshops. The impressive three-winged mediaeval monastery Vitskøl Kloster from the year 1157 is situated by the bay Bjørnsholm Bugt. Here it is possible to experience the church ruin, the herb garden and the square with the beautiful buildings. The manor house museum Hessel is situated on the peninsular Louns by Hvalpsund (18 km). The fortification Aggersborg from the year 980 is one of the largest ring castles in Denmark with traces of 48 long houses. The viking castle is very strategically situated by the narrowest part of the Liim Fiord (25 km).

Excursion spots

On the island Fur, which is located opposite the holiday home areas Trend and Ertebolle, you will find diverse landscapes, characterized by meadows, lakes, hills, fields, steep cliffs, forests and pits of the special clay ''moler''. Take the children to Jesperhus on the island Mors. The impressive and beautiful flower park offers activities like a jungle zoo, play centre and waterworld (46 km). Go underground in the limestone mine Monsted Kalkgruber near Stoholm. Here you can follow a long mine tunnel, from which 2 km is illuminated. Experience the large underground caves and narrow passages as well as a light show, which reflects in one of the bike lakes of the limestone mine (52 km). You can also go back in time and visit the popular attraction Hjerl Hede. In the open-air museum you will have a genuine insight into life, as it went on in a village about 100-200 years ago. Experience farms, houses, workshops, shops and domestic animals in the charming village (63 km).



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