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Amtoft is a small and cosy village, situated in the cove 'Amtoft Vig' by the Liim Fiord.


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Amtoft is surrounded by the Liim Fiord, the bird sanctuary Vejlerne and peaceful nature areas with forest, and because of its location, the destination is ideal for especially bird enthusiasts and nature lovers. The town has a good beach and a cosy marina, where you find tables, benches, a bbq area and a grocer's shop. In Thisted (24 km) and Fjerritslev (25 km) you will find good shopping possibilities and more restaurants.

Charming marina next to the beach and the holiday home area in Amtoft Lovely bathing beach by the holiday homes in Amtoft Sandy beach with small bays and shallow bathing water in the holiday home area Amtoft The cosy marina in the holiday home Amtoft


A really good Liim Fiord bathing beach with coarse sand and stones is available by Amtoft. Furthermore, a bathing jetty is available here. If you wish to swim in the North Sea, the shore and the beach 'Lild Strand' is situated 19 km from Amtoft. Here the beach is about 50 metres wide and 30 km long. The beach is a sandy beach with a few stones, the water is clear and the bottom is sandy.


Amtoft is situated right by 'Vejlerne', which is the largest bird sanctuary in Northern Europe, and here in these wetlands you can observe the bird life from one of the marked paths or from one of the many bird gazebo of the area. By the North Sea, just north of Amtoft, you will find Denmark's only bird cliff, the 47 metres high lime cliff Bulbjerg. The cliff is inhabited by sea birds, and from here you can enjoy an amazing view of the bay 'Jammerbugten'. In the dune plantation 'Lild Klitplantage' you will find 7 marked walking routes in the varied nature. You can also drive on bicycle on the gravel roads in the plantation.


Anglers will find good opportunities in the Liim Fiord as well as in the lakes and streams of the area. Golf players can try out the courses in Fjerritslev and Thisted, which are the ones that are located nearest to Amtoft. The shore opposite Amtoft also offers good conditions for windsurfers.

Worth a visit

In the cosy village Øsløs, 4 km east of Amtoft, you can experience the well-preserved farmhouses from the 19th century. Among these is the childhood home of the writer Johan Skjoldborg, and today a museum has been established in this house. In Lynge, 9 km east of Amtoft, you can visit a small nature museum.

Excursion spots

Enjoy the view from the lighthouse of Hanstholm. Visit the bunker museum of Hanstholm, which informs you of World War II (27 km). The scenically situated stone age centre 'Stenaldercentret' in Ertebølle describes the nature in and around Ertebølle 6-7,000 years ago as well as the life of the people in this environment. Among other things finds from a stone age kitchen midden are displayed here. A reconstructed village shows what the huts of that time looked like (56 km). The flower park 'Jesperhus Blomsterpark' on the Liim Fiord island Mors also offers a jungle zoo and a play land. The park is one of the largest of its kind in Scandinavia (59 km). The open-air museum 'Hjerl Hede Frilandsmuseum' near Vinderup is an interesting and lifelike museum for the whole family. See among other things how the daily life in the country 150 years ago is vitalized (98 km).



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