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The small and evocative fishing hamlet Torø Huse is located app. 3 km south of Assens - right out to the Little Belt. Here you will find charming, old fishing houses, salt meadows and lagoons with a rich bird life as well as extraordinarily good opportunities for coastal fishing. Opposite Torø Huse you can experience the island Torø, which offers a fertile and unspoiled nature. There is access to Torø through the sand spit 'Drejet'. Torø Huse is an ideal holiday destination for the ones, who wish to stay in peaceful, quiet and charming surroundings, and who like to be near a larger town, restaurants, shopping opportunities, sights and leisure activities at the same time.



Both towards north and south Torø Huse is surrounded by water. Towards north, in the cove Torø Vig, the shore is characterized by salt meadows with a rich bird life, but towards south you will find a good bathing beach with stones and shallow water.


Torø Huse is surrounded by shore, slightly hilly landscapes with fields, plantations and forest as well as the beautiful island Torø, which offers forests, meadows, fields, grazing sheep, a lake, beaches and idyllic coves. By the salt meadows and the lagoons of Torø Vig a large number of wading birds can be observed. From the 3 km long and 25 m high cliff Sønderby Klint by Å Strand you can enjoy the scenic view of the land and the sea (4 km). The recreation nature area Feddet on the western side of peninsular Helnæs offers a lovely beach and a large number of wild flowers. Here you will also find Helnæs Made - a large, preserved salt meadow area with wading birds, birds of prey as well as orchids (20 km). Svanninge Bakker, also known as 'De Fynske Alper' (the Alps of Funen) is a beautiful and hilly forest area with heathery hills and a network of bicycle and walking paths. From the hills you can enjoy the view of south-western Funen and the South Funen archipelago (35 km).


Torø is very suitable for walks and hikes in the green and unspoiled scenery. Torø Huse offers excellent fishing opportunities. In fact, this place is nominated as a 'hot spot' for anglers. Equally, it is popular to fish in the streams and brooks of the area. The beautiful fishpond Agernæs Put & Take Saltvandssøer near Helgenæs (app. 10 km) is also worth throwing the line in. Golf players can test more courses in the area, and the nearest one is the historic and scenically situated 18-hole course of Vestfyns Golfklub in Glamsbjerg (17 km). The South Funen archipelago invites activities like swimming, sailing, windsurfing and fishing, and in Assens you will find an abundance of leisure activities, like f.x. bowling, tennis and minigolf.

Worth a visit

The 800-years old market town Assens is an attraction in itself with its beautiful cobbled streets, its merchant¿s houses and half-timbered houses, but furthermore, it offers sights like f.x. the miniature town Assens Miniby, the culture-historical museums 'Mands Samling' and 'Willemoesgårdens Mindestuer' as well as a museum with vintage cars (3 km). In Ebberup you can experience the beautiful Funen manor house Gl. Alvernæs, which has a very characteristic tower and is surrounded by part and forest. Here you will also find the mediaeval castle Hagenskov, where you can see an old dungeon (6 km).

Excursion spots

'Vestfyns Hjemstavnsgård' near Gummerup is an open-air museum with half-timbered buildings, household effects, kitchen utensils and agricultural tools from the years 1750-1950 (19 km). 'Fun Park Fyn' in Aarup is Funen's largest playground. This nature, animal and amusement park with an aquapark offers fun and interesting experiences for the whole family (20 km). Visit 'Vissenbjerg Terrariet' - here you will find Scandinavia's largest terrarium with reptiles and amphibians from the whole world (26 km). 'Frydenlund Fuglepark' near Tommerup is a lovely nature park with 700 birds from all over the world as well as waterholes, aviaries and a savannah (27 km). A small ferry sails every day from Assens to the island Bågø. Bågø is characterized by lovely nature, peace and harmony, and is famous for its large and well-preserved farms.



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