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Torreso is a popular holiday area on the coast of northern Funen. Here you will find a lovely bathing beach and many lovely holiday homes - from which many are situated right by the beach. Behind the shore the holiday home area is surrounded by green spaces and scenic forests. Torreso is an ideal holiday destination for the active family.


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Tørresø lies right by the Kattegat on the north Funen coast, surrounded by nature areas. The long, straight stretch of coast offers many good bathing beaches. A number of leisure activities and sights are available in this area. Tørresø is an ideal holiday destination if you wish to enjoy nature, walk, drive on bicycle, surf, swim or fish. Go on holiday in a holiday home and enjoy a scenic area on Funen. Towards the west you will find Flyvesandet - the only beach with dunes in Funen. Towards the east the conservation area Enebærodde and the inlet Odense Fjord, an important resting place for migratory bird, are situated. In Torreso you can bring along your dog, as dogs are welcome in many holiday homes here.

Holiday homes along the lovely bathing beach in the holiday area Tørresø on North Funen The holiday homes in Tørresø are situated along the lovely sandy beach Blue flag by the wide sandy beach with inviting bathing water in Tørresø Bathers by the popular bathing beach in the holiday home area Tørresø


When you spend your holiday in a holiday home in Torreso you can visit many different beaches. The beach of Torreso is a sandy beach with stones and clear bathing water. The bottom is also sandy with stones and the water is shallow, which makes the beach very suitable for children. Furthermore, the beach is traffic-free. By Flyvesandet, the only dune area in Funen, you will find a lovely bathing beach with shallow water and a sandy bottom. You are allowed to bring your car to the beach here. Both of the above mentioned beaches offer very good conditions for windsurfers.


Northern Funen is characterized by forest, level green and lush landscapes as well as a long straight shore line. Holiday home rental means many scenic and varying nature experiences. Hasmarkmosen, a large marsh area with a unique vegetation as well as a rich bird and animal life, is situated south-east of Torreso. East of Torreso you will find the tongue Enebærodde. The 5.5 km long tongue is the largest moor landscape in Funen with a rich bird life as well as many rare plants and trees. By Gabet you can see the 14 metres high lighthouse from the year 1869. There is only access to the area on foot or bicycle. By the nature reserve Flyvesandet one of the best beaches in Funen is situated. By the lake Langesø and the forest Storskoven, close to Flyvesandet, the forest grows all the way down to the beach. The forests by Langesø and Morud have a rich and varied bird life.


The conditions for windsurfing are very good by the beach of Tørresø and by 'Flyvesandet'. The area offers good fishing opportunities. By Enebærodde and by Egebjerggård the possibilities for catching a sea trout are very good. If you wish to go deep-sea fishing, the ship 'M/S Castor' departs from Bogense year round. The inlet boat 'Svanen' takes you sailing on the inlet 'Odense Fjord' in the summer time. Good nature experiences await you along the many walking and bicycle routes of the area, f.x. on the tongue 'Enebærodde', along the beach by Tørresø and along the path 'Den Grønne Sti' in the northern outskirts of Otterup. It is popular to drive on bicycle, walk, fish and have a picnic on 'Enebærodde'.

Worth a visit

'Hofmansgave' is a charming half-timbered manor house from the year 1784 with a small museum. A beautiful park with many rare plants belongs to the manor house. Funen has more manor houses than any other part of Denmark, and with their fields, forests, avenues and stone fences, they are all worth a visit.

Excursion spots

Visit the home town of H.C. Andersen, Odense, a modern and evocative town with a number of leisure potentialities. In the aqua centre Fjord&Bælt in Kerteminde you can experience the mysteries of the sea from a 50 metres long underwater tunnel or get close to porpoise from the outdoor bridge. The railway museum 'Danmarks Jernbanemuseum' is a large museum with games, technique, experiences, discoveries and nostalgia. 'Den Fynske Landsby' by Odense is an open-air museum, showing a Funen village environment from around the year 1850. The beautiful castle 'Egeskov Slot' by Kværndrup has a beautiful garden, a giant maze and more museums. Bogense with the largest marina in Funen, its marked town atmosphere, the old squares, the fine merchant's houses and the many half-timbered houses, is also worth a visit.



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