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Tårup Strand is a quiet and cosy holiday area with a good beach, situated right by the Great Belt.


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The village Tårup is situated on the eastern coast of Funen, right by the Great Belt, 12 km south of Nyborg and the Great Belt Bridge. The holiday house area Tårup Strand lies a few km from the village, between the beaches 'Kongshøj Strand' and 'Slude Strand' in a peaceful area, where you can hear the birds singing. Tårup is an ideal holiday destination for nature lovers and anglers. It is possible to buy groceries in Tårup.

View bench on a green space by the holiday homes and the beach in Tårup Bathing jetties along the shore by the holiday home area in Tårup Bathing jetty by the stone beach in the holiday area Tårup Historic half-timbered and thatched house behind the holiday homes in Tårup


By Tårup you will find a fine sandy beach with a few stones and Blue Flag. The beach is very suitable for children, as the water is calm and shallow. If you wish to swim in deeper water, you can make use of the 2 bathing jetties of the beach. It is also possible to sail out in a small boat from the beach. The Great Belt Beach can be seen faintly from the beach.


Tårup is surrounded by lovely nature with many green areas, as f.x. the forest 'Tårup Lundeskov'. The very rare fire-bellied toad lives around the lake 'Klokkesøen' by the beach of Tårup, and on a hot day in the early summer you will be able to hear its croaking. Right outside Tårup the stream 'Kongshøj Å' flows all the way to the mill 'Kongshøj Mølle'. The forest 'Kajbjerg Skov' is situated right by the coast of eastern Funen and contains more forest lakes and marked walking routes.


The area offers good fishing opportunities, in the stream 'Kongshøj Å', from the coast or on the sea. You will find the best stretch from the beach of Tårup to the forest 'Kajbjerg Skov'. It is also possible to launch a small boat from the coast. Eastern Funen has its own regional bicycle route, no. 50, which leads through the lovely eastern Funen nature. Golf players can test the scenically situated course by 'Nyborg Golfbane', which is situated right down to the inlet 'Nyborg Fjord'. The course has international standard. In the swimming baths 'Svendborg Svømmeland' you will find activities for the whole family: water slide, water canon, a canal with current, jacuzzies, hot water pools, children's pools, sauna and solariums.

Worth a visit

The church of Tårup was built by the local craftsmen in the year 1883, and is therefore the youngest church in the district. The mill 'Kongshøj Mølle' is idyllically situated and is still running. By the mill you will find a 7 metres high milldam, a millpond and a waterfall. Recently a water passage with a new fish ladder has been established by the mill.

Excursion spots

Nyborg is a cosy town with old and gently restored houses, banks, which invites walks, and a lot of culture. Visit the castle 'Nyborg Slot' - Denmark's oldest royal castle from the year 1172. The beautiful castle 'Egeskov Slot' by Kværndrup is characterized as one of the best preserved Renaissance island forts in Europe (21 km). In the marine centre 'Fjord- & Bælt Centret' in Kerteminde you can come into contact with f.x. porpoises from the outdoor bridge or from the long underwater tunnel (30 km). Visit the home town of H.C. Andersen, Odense, a modern and evocative town with a number of leisure potentialities in the shape of music, theatre, shows on the squares, pedestrian streets, cafés, restaurants and pubs (50 km). 'Den Fynske Landsby' by Odense is an open-air museum, showing a Funen village environment from around the year 1850 (50 km).



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