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Svelmø is an uninhabited pearl in the South Funen Archipelago of about 30 ha., and offers a possibility of a unique holiday in a holiday home. You are surrounded by the South Funen Archipelago and the beautiful nature of Svelmø. You have a view to the sea and to the mainland of Funen to one side and to Avernakø to the other side. The isle is perfect if you want to get away from everyday''''s stress, relax on your own terms without being disturbed by anything or anyone. You will have time to enjoy the peace of nature and really gear down. 
Svelmø consists of two isles, Lille Svelmø and Store Svelmø, interlinked by a narrow tongue. Both isles are privately owned. Even though the isles are privately owned, you can be on the uncultivated areas and on the beach.

A tractor can bring you to Svelmø. If you rent a holiday home on Svelmø, the local office will help you with transportation.



There is a vivid bird life on Svelmø, where i.a. arctic terns, gulls and black-head gulls have their colonies. Dyke swallows breed in the cliffs on Store Svelmø, where they dig corridors of 50 to 120 cm in the cliffs. Their nests, at the end of the corridors, are well protected against predators. The dyke swallow is protected and is the smallest swallow in Denmark with only 12 cm in size. The kestrel, that loves hatching out in a cavity, uses the old corridors of the dyke swallows and you will therefore also see kestrels breeding in the cliffs of Store Svelmø. Svelmø attracts a lot of different birds that use the isle as a resting place or a place for foraging. You may be lucky to see greylag geese, sandpipers, grey herons and red-breasted mergansers.


Store Svelmø is an isle of moraine with hillsides, where some of the land is cultivated and fenced in for grazing animals. The highest spot on Svelmø is 15 metres above sea level. The coastal line consists of cliffs and two ridges, the southern one is called Svelmø Trille and the northern one Lille Svelmø, which is also the road to Nab on Funen, at low water level.
Lille Svelmø is a small and plane, narrow and winding isle of 2,5 kilometres in length. Lille Svelmø is uncultivated and it changes continuously because of weather and wind conditions. In wintertime, sand depositing makes the isle grow.


The water round Svelmø is shallow, which makes it a land of milk and honey to people that love outdoor life. Especially kayakers and kite sufers enjoy the special conditions by the sea at Svelmø. The kite surfers usually stay on the mainland facing Svelmø, but their activities in the water and in the air sometimes bring them close to Svelmø. Kayakers love the South Funen Archipelago and quite a few go round Svelmø or take a break on the island.  
Svelmø is also a place for anglers, and the book ''117 fine Fynske fiskepladser'' (117 good fishing grounds on Funen) praises the experience of angling on the isle. Anglers find the best fishing grounds at the western side of the isle and at Svelmø Trille.

Worth a visit

Svelmø is between the charming cities of Faaborg and Svendborg in the south of Funen. The cozy, old market town of Faaborg and the seafaring city of Svendborg have several interesting attractions, nice coffee houses and eating places and a nice atmosphere.
Visit Faaborg Arrest, the only publicly available jail in Denmark, with a captivating exhibition of methods of punishment from medieval times until today.
Faaborg has a miniature of the city as it was in 1900 in the scale 1:10. At the Faaborg Museum you can enjoy paintings and sculptures of Funen artists. Visit the beautiful, old merchant''s house and the remains of a fortress from medieval times. 
The oldest building in Svendborg, Anne Hvides Gård, tells the history of Svendborg and the archeology of southern Funen. Visit the old town centre with small, cozy streets, market places and charming courtyards. From the Svendborg harbour you can sail in the South Funen Archipelago. 

Excursion spots

At the impressive castle Egeskov at Kværndrup you can i.a. see the beautiful gardens, a huge maze and several museums (23 km).
See 700 birds from all over the world at the Frydenlund Fuglepark at Tommerup and take a walk in the beautiful nature reserve with waterholes and aviaries (32 km).
Naturama in Svendborg is a modern, zoological museum with beautiful, impressive exhibitions of animals and nature (20 km)



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