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The scenic, quiet and scenic island Strynø is situated in the south Funen archipelago between Tåsinge, Ærø and Langeland.


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The small island, which is 3 km long and 2 km wide, is situated about half an hours sail from Rudkøbing on Langeland. By the ferry port and marina you will find the old and idyllic skipper town Strynø By with the narrow streets and more village ponds. Here you can sense the quite unique atmosphere that only small islands can offer. Strynø invites peace, quiet, comfort and scenic nature experiences. Besides the nature, Strynø also has a preserved mill, a beautiful church, an old forge and a smack centre. It is possible to bye groceries in Strynø By.



You can swim almost anywhere along the coast of the island, but the best bathing beach is situated on the south side of the island, next to the harbour, where a bathing jetty is also available. The beaches of the island have shallow water and a stony bottom. However, a small, artificial sandy beach has been established by the ferry pier.


Strynø is a level moraine island, and the highest point of the island is situated only 10 metres above sea level. Forest, fields and salt meadows with a rich bird life characterize Strynø. At more places, the meadows stretch all the way down to the beach. The island is rich in ponds and village ponds with hundreds of frogs, and their loud croaking can be heard everywhere - especially at night. Furthermore, many hares and birds inhabit the island. Together with the formerly inhabited calf 'Strynø Kalv' and the grazing islets 'Grensholm', 'Bredholm', 'Græsholm', 'Vogterholm' and 'Bondeholm' west and north-west of the island, Strynø constitutes its own little archipelago.


The island enables you to follow 2 of the marked walking routes, which lead you past interesting spots and through the scenic landscape. You can rent both bicycles and smack boats by the smack centre 'Smakkecentret'. Onboard a smack boat, you can experience the archipelago on your own. Anglers have good opportunities all along the coasts of the island. On Langeland golf players can try out the scenic 18-golf course of 'Langelands Golf Klub' by Humble, 15 km from Rudkøbing.

Worth a visit

From the area around the preserved windmill 'Strynø Mølle' from the year 1832, you can enjoy a great view towards the island Ærø as well as the surrounding islands and islets. At the maritime museum 'Øhavets Smakkecenter' on Strynø you can see Funens largest selection of the traditional smack boats. Here you can rent copies of the original smack boats and the ranger of the centre informs about the area. The inn of the island has been established in the old forge, and the smith's hearth, the anvil and the tools of the blacksmith can still be seen here. In the church of Strynø, which was built in the year 1867, you can se a resemblance to the ceiling of the central station in Copenhagen. This is due to the fact that the two buildings were build by the same architects.

Excursion spots

The ferry departs more times daily from Strynø to Rudkøbing, where you can spend a lovely day in the 700 years old picturesque market town with the preserved, original and beautiful houses, the old part of town, the idyllic alleys with uneven cobbled stones and the cosy marina. 'Langeland Museum' in Rudkøbing exhibits ancient collections with i.a. weapons, riding gear, silver coins, glass and silver. Rudkøbing also offers 'Det Gamle Apotek' (the old pharmacy), the shipping museum 'Søfartsudstilling', the garden 'Den Gamle Have' and 'Skovsgård' (a servants and carriages museum). The red castle 'Tranekær Slot' (11 km) is highly situated on a hill, and from here you have a great view of the town with its old half-timbered houses. An area of the castle park is called 'Ticon', and here artists exhibit their nature art. The castle museum 'Tranekær Slotsmuseum' is established in an old half-timbered house. The preserved mill 'Tranekær Slotsmølle' from the year 1846 is still running.



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