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Snøde Hesselbjerg is situated on the north-eastern coast of the beautiful island Langeland.


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The holiday house area by Snøde Hesselbjerg is situated in quiet and scenic surroundings. The small and cosy village Snøde, which lies right by Snøde Hesselbjerg, has a village pond and is surrounded by corn fields. Snøde Hesselbjerg is an ideal holiday destination if you wish to fish, enjoy nature and relax. A few km from here you will find Dageløkke with its small and idyllic fishing harbour, which buzzes with activity. Here you can enjoy the atmosphere and buy fresh fish. It is possible to buy groceries in Snøde. Rudkøbing, 21 km from Snøde Hesselbjerg, offers good shopping possibilities, restaurants, leisure activities and sights for the whole family.



The beach of Snøde Hesselbjerg is a nice bathing beach, which is very suitable for children. Equally, the beach of Dageløkke is very suitable for children. Here the sand is find and the water shallow and calm. These conditions also make the beach suitable for windsurfing. The beach of Stoense is another lovely beach with sand, grass and shallow water. Immediately north of Lohals you will find a wide and white sandy beach, right behind the forest 'Troldeskoven'.


Fields and beach surround Snøde Hesselbjerg. Lovely beaches, forest, fields and scenic landscapes characterize the nature of Langeland. The forest is plentiful on Langeland, and at some places the beech grows all the way out to the shore. Hov is situated on the northernmost tip of Langeland, and surrounded by an undulating landscape with forest. A marked route leads you through the forest and past historic places. By Hov you will also find the 14 metres high cliff 'Frankeklint' with the lighthouse and the plantation 'Hov Plantage' with the old, black holiday houses from before the year 1920 (11 km). Around Tranekær the many forest areas have a number of marked walking paths. Along the paths in the forest 'Åsø Skoven' by Tranekær you can observe the incredibly rich bird life of the island (11 km). 'Fredmosen' by Nordenbro in southern Langeland is a large marsh with forest of reeds and a number of both breeding and migrating birds (40 km).


Various activities are arranged by the harbour of Dageløkke. Both indoor and outdoor playgrounds are available for the children. Furthermore you can rent bicycles or play minigolf, tennis and badminton here. Anglers have good opportunities here, as it is possible to fish directly from the shore or in one of the Put & Take fishponds of the island. Furthermore, deep-sea fishing trips are arranged from the harbour of Lohals. Langelands Golf Klub is an 18-hole golf course by Tryggelev (38 km). From the course you can enjoy the great view of the strait 'Langelandsbæltet', the nature area 'Hatbakkerne' and the marsh 'Fredmosen'. On Langeland you can sail, windsurf, dive, bowl, walk or ride a bicycle. The island is an ideal place for nature lovers, who wish to experience the island on foot or on bicycle. You can bring the bicycle along on the ferry from Lohals to Lundeborg on Funen.

Worth a visit

Sense the cosy harbour environment in the picturesque harbour of Dageløkke, a few km from Snøde Hesselbjerg. Here it buzzes with activity throughout the summer. Visit the candle factory 'Candle Art', which is situated in artistically surroundings in Dageløkke. The red castle 'Tranekær Slot' is highly situated on a hill and from here you have a great view of the town with its old half-timbered houses. An area of the castle park is called 'Ticon', and here artists exhibit their nature art. At the museum 'Souvenariet' you can experience new and old souvenirs from the whole world. The preserved mill 'Tranekær Slotsmølle' from the year 1846 is still running, and when the wind is right, ecological grain grinded (11 km). 'Tobaksladen' by Tranekær was used to dry tobacco leaves during World War 2.

Excursion spots

Visit the 700-years old marked town Rudkøbing, which has preserved its original beautiful houses. See the old part of town, the idyllic and narrow streets with the uneven cobblestones and the cosy marina (21 km). 'Langeland Museum' in Rudkøbing exhibits ancient collections with i.a. weapons, riding gear, silver coins, glass and silver. Rudkøbing also offers the following interesting sights: 'Det Gamle Apotek' (the old pharmacy), the shipping museum 'Søfartsudstilling', the garden 'Den Gamle Have' and 'Skovsgård' (a museum for servant and carriages). Visit Svendborg with the preserved old town centre, the narrow and winding roads, the squares and the backyard environments. Here you will also find the castle 'Valdemars Slot' (41 km). The former military installations 'Langelandsfortet' today function as a museum, and here you can see the canons, the bunkers and an exhibition about the cold war (47 km).



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