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The charming harbour town Marstal on the island Ærø is surrounded by lovely nature and the best bathing beach of the island.


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Marstal is the largest town on Ærø and it is situated right by the eastern end of the island. The old shipping town is cosy and charming with its narrow streets and alleys, the beautiful old houses, the hollyhocks, the town life and the evocative marina. In the harbour of Marstal you can see and impressively long fieldstone pier and a lime kiln, which function as the landmark of the harbour. Yachts lie side by side with the fishing vessels, the boats and the ferries, and here you will sense a really cosy harbour atmosphere. Marstal offers a number of shops, restaurants and cultural sights. From Marstal you can sail to Rudkøbing on Langeland. Ærø is about 30 km long and 8 km wide on the. Besides Marstal, the island contains the towns Ærøskøbing and Søby, which is the smallest of the three. Furthermore, the island has more small communities and fishing hamlets.

The cosy tongue, Eriks Hals, with beach huts and lovely beaches in Marstal on Ærø Idyllic beach hut on the tongue, Eriks Hale, in the holiday home area Marstal Charming streets with old houses and hollyhocks in the centre of Marstal The famous lime kiln on the harbour pier in Marstal


The white sandy beach 'Erikshale Strand' is situated in the southern outskirts of Marstal. The beach has nice and clear bathing water and Blue Flag. Here you will also see a line of small and cosy beach huts in cheerful colours. A number of good bathing beaches, which are suitable for children, are available along the shores of Ærø.


Fields, level wetlands and lovely beaches surround Marstal. Ærø has a quiet unique nature with nice beaches, bays, coves, wetlands, fields, distinctive cliffs, undulating areas and forest areas. Towards the south Funen archipelago the coast is mild and level, but towards the Baltic, the stretch of coast is more undulating and characterized by steep slopes and cliffs. The cove 'Gråsten Nor', a few km west of Marstal, is a large wetlands with a rich vegetation and bird life. Follow f.x. the 8 km long walking path 'Sporet ved Noret', which leads you through the area. From the preserved cliff 'Voderup Klint' on the south coast, 14 km from Marstal, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the sea, and in clear weather it is possible to see all the way to the North German coast as well as to the entrance of the Flensburg inlet. It is possible to walk down to the beach from the cliff by way of a path.


Havkajak Center Marstal arranges sea kayak courses if different duration. A number of walking and bicycle routes are available in the area, and it is possible to rent bicycles in Marstal. The many bays and coves along the shores of Ærø provide anglers with optimal conditions for fishing. Especially recommendable fishing spots are f.x. 'Ærøs Hale' by Marstal, 'Drejet' west of Marstal, 'Urehoved' by Ærøskøbing, 'Voderup' towards south and 'Skjoldnæs' by the lighthouse on the northernmost tip of Ærø. The conditions for windsurfing are generally very good on Ærø. It is very popular to go on a sightseeing flight over the island from the airport 'Ærø Flyveplads' and see the archipelago from above.

Worth a visit

The church of Marstal from 1738 has 7 naves, which bears witness of the relations to the sea and the shipping. The shipping museum 'Søfartsmuseet' in Marstal consists of more than 30 exhibition rooms with objects from the history of the shipping. See i.a. more than 200 ship's models and more than 130 bottle ships. The idyllic Ærøskøbing offers beautiful, old and preserved houses, mediaeval streets, hollyhocks, atriums, interesting shops, good restaurants and an evocative and well-attend marina (17 km). The mill 'Ærøskøbing Bymølle' is a beautiful and restored windmill. 'Ærø Museum' in Ærøskøbing is a regional museum, which shows a collection of antiquities from stone-age villages, exhibitions about shipping and much more. 'Hammerichs Hus' is established in the painter's own home from the 16th. century. A collection of antiques belongs to the exhibition. 'Flaske-Peters Samling' is a large collection of bottle ships, ship's models and paintings of ferries.

Excursion spots

Visit some of the small original ports in f.x. Kleven and Strandbyen. Søbygaard is an old castle mounds with preserved structures from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, which makes the place a national cultural heritage area (21 km). Søby is situated on the north-western tip of Ærø. The town is an old fishing town and with it's marina, the beautiful church, the mill 'Søby Mølle' from the year 1881 with the thatched roof as well as it's cosy atmosphere definitely worth a visit (24 km). The lighthouse 'Skjoldnæs Fyr' is situated in scenic nature with i.a. 'Næbbet', wetlands with many bird species, at the northernmost tip of Ærø (27 km).



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