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The holiday area Longelse is situated by the eastern coast of Langeland, just south of Spodsbjerg.


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The holiday house area Longelse lies close to the water, and the two villages, Nørre Longelse and Sønder Longelse, are situated a few km behind the coast. A couple of km towards north, the old, evocative fishing town Spodsbjerg with the idyllic fishing harbour, a marina as well as a ferry harbour with a ferry service to Lolland is located. Longelse is a cosy, calm and scenic holiday area, which appeals to nature lovers and angers in particular, but also to others, who wish to relax in quiet surroundings. It is possible to buy groceries in the two small villages, Nørre Longelse and Sønder Longelse, and just 9 km from here Rudkøbing, the ¿capital¿ of Lolland, offers good shopping possibilities and many leisure activities.



A couple of km towards north you can make use of a wide bathing beach, which is suitable for children, as equally a small and cosy sandy beach is available by the marina in Spodsbjerg.


Longelse is situated in a scenic area and surrounded by fields, forest and the strait 'Langelandsbæltet'. 'Longelse Bondegårdsskov' is 8.5 hectares of preserved forest in the centre of Langeland with very high and old trees. The forest is unspoilt and appears as a 'genuine' nature forest with i.a. a rich bird life. Right outside Spodsbjerg the characteristic hills 'Hatbakkerne', which were formed during the last ice age, are situated. To the north of Spodsbjerg lies 'Løkkeby Enge' - a near-shore marsh area with good conditions for wading birds. Around Tranekær the many forest areas have a number of marked walking paths. Along the paths of the forest 'Åsø Skoven' you can experience the incredibly rich bird life of the island. About 22 km from Longelse the cliff 'Ristinge Klint' rises 20 metres above sea level with its steep slopes. The vegetation is very unique here. From the beach you can follow a path to the top of the cliff and enjoy the scenic view.


The scenic nature surroundings invite walks and bicycle trips. It is possible to rent bicycles in Spodsbjerg. The area offers good opportunities for anglers, as it is possible to fish both directly from the shore and in the 20,000-m2 fishpond 'Spodsbjerg Lystfiskersø', which is a lovely excursion point for the whole family. If you wish to fish on the strait of Langeland, it is possible to rent boats in Spodsbjerg or go deep-sea fishing onboard a fishing vessel from the harbour of Spodsbjerg. By Humble golf players can try out the course of 'Langelands Golf Klub' (16 km). It is also possible to visit the scenic golf course by Svendborg on Funen (30 km). One weekend every summer, the festival 'Langelandsfestival', a musical experience for the whole family, is arranged. About 20,000 people go to Rudkøbing every year to enjoy the cosy atmosphere and the good music of the festival.

Worth a visit

At 'Galleri Langeland' a wide selection of local art and handicraft is exhibited and sold throughout the summer. Varying exhibitions are also arranged here. An interesting gallery for art lovers (2 km). Visit the 700-years old marked town Rudkøbing with the original beautiful houses. 'Langeland Museum' in Rudkøbing exhibits ancient collections with i.a. weapons, riding gear, silver coins, glass and silver (9 km). By Humble you will find the well-preserved long barrow 'Kong Humbles Grav', which consists of 77 large barrow circles (16 km). The manor house 'Skovsgaard' is situated only a few km from Humble and contains more museums, f.x. a carriage museum and a servant museum, showing an exhibition about the condition and daily life of the servants here.

Excursion spots

20 km towards north the red castle 'Tranekær Slot' is situated. The castle is highly situated on a hill and from here you have a great view of the town with its old half-timbered houses. An area of the castle park is called 'Ticon', and here artists exhibit their nature art. The castle museum 'Tranekær Slotsmuseum' is established in an old half-timbered house. The preserved mill 'Tranekær Slotsmølle' from the year 1846 is still running, and when the wind is favourable, ecological grain grinded. By the mill you can visit a museum for wind power. Visit Svendborg with the preserved old town centre, the narrow and winding roads, the squares and the backyard environments. The town is influenced by its history, which goes all the way back to the early Middle Age. You will find cultural experiences, good shopping possibilities and many restaurants here (30 km).



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