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The holiday area Humble on the southern part of Langeland offers a scenic and unspoiled nature as well as holiday homes for everyone. Humble is an attractive holiday destination, if you wish to be active in nature and visit some of the many interesting sights on Langeland.


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The village Humble is situated in the centre of southern Langeland and has a flourishing commercial life and more good restaurants. The area, surrounding Humble, is characterized by lovely nature and rural charm with its farms and small roads. There is only a short distance to the beaching beaches 'Ristinge Strand' towards west and 'Bukkemose Strand' towards east. A number of leisure activities and cultural sights are available in this area. Humble is an ideal holiday destination for anglers and nature lovers.

View of the sea from the holiday home area Humble on Langeland Holiday homes behind the shore in Humble on Langeland The holiday homes in Humble are situated right by Langelands Golfklub The cosy inn, Humble Kro, is situated in the village Humble, behind the shore


One of Denmark's best bathing beaches 'Ristinge Strand' is situated 6 km west of Humble. The wide, nearly 10 km long bathing beach has white sand and shallow water, which makes it very suitable for children. 'Bukkemose Strand', 7 km east of Humble, is a fine, peaceful and sandy beach. The bathing possibilities are good and the opportunities for self-expression are plentiful here.


The forest 'Humble Skov', west of the town, is a nice place to walk. By 'Tryggelev Nor', 3 km south of Humble, you will find a large preserved bird sanctuary. Through a path system you have access from the beach by Ristinge to the impressive 20 metres high cliff 'Ristinge Klint', from which you have an amazing view of the area and the archipelago. The area 'Hatbakkerne' consists of 690 separate hills, standing abreast and stretching all over southern and eastern Langeland. By Nordenbro and Næbbeskov you can see some exceptional scenic specimen of the hills. The cliff 'Dovns Klint' is the southernmost point of Langeland and a popular excursion spot as well. Langeland is characterized by lovely forests with marked walking routes all over.


The lovely 18-hole golf course 'Langeland Golfbane' is situated only 7 km from Humble. While you are playing golf, you can enjoy the view of the water 'Langelandsbæltet' and the nature area 'Hatbakkerne'. It is possible to fish along the shores and in the Put & Take fishponds of the area, i.a. in the scenically situated pond 'Langelands lystfiskersø'. The coasts by the lighthouse 'Kelsnor Fyr' and the cliff 'Dovns Klint' are popular fishing spots. Good nature experiences await you along the many marked walking and bicycle paths of the area.

Worth a visit

The beautiful church of Humble is the fourth largest village church in Denmark and has Denmark's oldest church bell. Close by you will find the well-preserved long barrow 'Kong Humbles Grav', which consists of 77 large barrow circles. The manor house 'Skovsgaard' is situated only a few km from Humble and contains more museums, f.x. a carriage museum with old horse-drawn carriages as well as a servant museum, showing an exhibition about the condition and daily life of the servants of the manor house. The harbour 'Ristinge Havn' is a small and cosy fishing and boat harbour with lots of atmosphere. Here you can buy fresh fish every day. From the lighthouse 'Keldsnor Fyr' on the south-eastern coast of Langeland you can enjoy a beautiful view of the cove 'Keldsnor' and south tip of the island.

Excursion spots

The former military installations 'Langelandsfortet' today function as a museum, and here you can see the canons, the bunkers and an exhibition about the cold war. The harbour of Bagenkop on the southern tip of Langelands buzzes with activity. The harbour works both as a fishing and a boat harbour, and you will find more restaurants as well as a petanque court here. The passage grave 'Hulbjerg Jættestue' is one of the relics of the island. Here it is possible to crawl into the old burial chamber. Visit the 700-years old marked town Rudkøbing, which has preserved its original beautiful houses. See the old part of town, the idyllic and narrow streets with the uneven cobblestones, the cosy marina 'Rudkøbing Skudehavn' and the traffic harbour 'Rudkøbing Trafikhavn'.



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