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The holiday area Herslev, Lindelse is located by the idyllic bay Lindelse Nor, on the eastern coast of Langeland, app. 8 km south of Rudkøbing. The area offers 3 cromlechs - among others 'Herslev Stenen', the mill Lindelse Mølle - a preserved Dutch windmill with gallery, the inn Lindelse Kro from 1798 as well as the pretty church Lindelse Kirke from the 12th century, which is situated on a hill top. Herslev, Lindelse is a lovely and quiet holiday area, which attracts especially nature lovers, anglers, bird enthusiasts and culturally interested persons. From the area there is just a short distances to lovely bathing beaches, beautiful nature areas, a golf course, a fishpond as well as towns with evocative harbours, shops, restaurants, galleries, leisure activities and sighs.



As Herslev, Lindelse is situated by a shallow cove with many birds, it is not recommendable to swim right here. However, more lovely bathing beaches are available nearby. Close to the harbour of Rudkøbing you will find the child-friendly sandy beach Bellevue Strand. Here you can swim, sunbathe and engage yourselves in beach and watersport activities. The beach is sheltered by a small hillside with growing vegetation and high trees (8 km). The beach Ristinge Strand on the southern part of Langelang is one of Denmark¿s best bathing beaches with dunes, clean water and Blue Flag. The broad, nearly 10 km long bathing beach has white sand and a southern exposure. It is very suitable for children, as the water is calm and shallow (11 km towards south).


Herslev, Lindelse is surrounded by the cove Lindelse Nor, fields and nature areas. Near the cove Lindelse Nor you can experience more conservation areas, which have been laid out as bird sanctuaries. Innermost in Lindelse Nor you can visit 'Kværnen' - a scenic moraine island with hills, pine trees, thornbushes and a rich bird life. The forest Longelse Bondegårdsskov, 7 km towards northeast, is a so-called untouched forest, where the trees are allowed to grow old. Today, the forest appears like a genuine nature forest with a rich birdlife. In the eastern part of the forest you can experience the 250-years old oaks with 1 metre thick stems. On Langeland you can enjoy the sight of the distinctive hills Hatbakkerne, which were created during the last Ice Age. Hatbakkerne consist of 690 individual hills, standing abreast and stretching all over southern and eastern Langeland. By Nordenbro and Næbbeskov you can see some exceptional scenic specimen of the hills.


In the Herslev, Lindelse area you can swim, hike, drive on bicycle, ride, study birds, sail and go exploring among the many grave mounds among other things. Anglers will find good conditions in the area, as it is possible to fish in the cove Lindelse Nor, from a boat on the sea or in one of the Put & Take fishpond on Langeland, like f.x. the 20,000 square metres Spodsbjerg Lystfiskersø, which is a lovely excursion spot for the whole family. Furthermore, deep-sea fishing trips area arranged from the harbour of Rudkøbing (8 km) or Spodsbjerg (9 km). Langelands Golf Klub near Tryggelev offers a 60-hectares large, challenging 18-hole golf course with lakes and bunkers. The course is scenically situated in the hills Hatbakkerne (19 km). In addition to the sporting activities, you can also visit some of the local artists and watch them work in their studios.

Worth a visit

Near Humble you will find the well-preserved long barrow 'Kong Humbles Grav', which consists of 77 large barrow circles (6 km). A few km from here the manor house Skovsgaard is located, and here more museums have been established. Visit f.x. a carriage museum and a servant museum, showing an exhibition about the condition and daily life of the servants here. In the 700-years old marked town Rudkøbing you can enjoy the original, old and very beautiful houses. See the old part of town with idyllic narrow streets and uneven cobblestones, Langeland Museum with an ancient exhibition, the maritime museum Søfartsudstillingen and much more (8 km). 30 artists work at Galleri Langeland near Spodsbjerg and local art and handicraft is exhibited and sold throughout the summer (9 km).

Excursion spots

The barn Tobaksladen in the forest Stengade Skov was used for the drying of tobacco leafs during World War II. The barn has been restored in its original style, and the entrance is free (12 km). Visit Tranekær, which is characterized by old half-timbered houses and famous for its beautiful red castle, the palace garden and the castle mill. The remarkable castle Tranekær Slot is the highly situated on a hill, from which you can enjoy the view of the town. The palace garden is one of Denmark's largest parks with many rare trees and the area Ticon, where artists exhibit their interesting nature art. The castle museum 'Tranekær Slotsmuseum' is established in an old half-timbered house. At the souvenir museum Souvenariet near the castle you can experience new and old souvenirs from the whole world (13 km). The former military installations 'Langelandsfortet' today function as a museum, and here you can see the canons, the bunkers and an exhibition about the cold war (17 km).



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